'The Dark Knight Rises': The Reviews Are In!

Most anticipated movie of the year was worth waiting for, critics say.

Chris Brown Studied Parkour, Martial Arts For 'Takers'

'We use different acrobatics and flips and stuff,' singer/actor says.

T.I. Calls 'Takers' Stunts 'Outstanding'

'The explosions, the shoot-outs, the chase scene with Chris,' Tip teases at premiere for heist flick co-starring Chris Brown.

'Takers' Star Matt Dillon Discusses His Scenes With Chris Brown

'This guy is such a good athlete — he did a lot of stunts,' Dillon says of Brown.

'New Moon' Overshadows 'The Blind Side' At Box Office

Second film in the 'Twilight' saga edges out Sandra Bullock's feel-good football drama, while 'Ninja Assassin' fails to succeed.

T.I. Talks 'Bone Deep,' Hopes For Long Hollywood Career

'The thing is, with acting, you can't necessarily get comfortable,' the MC/actor says of accepting challenging roles.

'Pirates' Scores Biggest Treasure Of The Weekend — And The Year

'Little Man,' 'You, Me and Dupree' in tight weekend race for distant second.

'You, Me And Dupree': Incredible Lightness, By Kurt Loder

Owen Wilson does Owen Wilson, one more time.

Also: An important retro-lesson from David Mamet and William H. Macy in 'Edmond.'

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Christina Aguilera, AFI To Perform At MTV Movie Awards

Popcorn presenters include Ludacris, Justin Timberlake, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson.

Steve Carell Comedy, Iraq Documentary Are Sundance's Big Winners

Park City, Utah, returns to normal as contracts are signed, prizes are handed out and stars head home.

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