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'Dark Knight Rises': MTV's #1 Movie of 2012

Even in a huge year at the movies, nothing compared to Christopher Nolan's Batman conclusion.

Best Movies Of 2012

Tributes, time-travelers and titans top MTV's list of the top films of the year.

'Dark Knight Rises': Is Nolan Including His First Director's Cut?

Rumors have hit the Web that the DVD will include 30 extra minutes, but director's cuts have never been Nolan's style.

'Dark Knight Rises' Ending Isn't Sequel Setup, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says

'I think it's a great, perfect ending for that trilogy,' he tells MTV News.

'Dark Knight' Cruises Above 'Total Recall' At Box Office

'Dark Knight Rises' holds top spot for a third consecutive weekend as Colin Farrell's remake debuts with soft $26 million.

Does 'Total Recall' Stand A Chance Against 'Dark Knight'?

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'Dark Knight' Trilogy: Batman's Greatest Gadgets

Capes designed for base-jumping and guns built for climbing are just some of the incredible inventions in the Caped Crusader's arsenal.

'Dark Knight' Trilogy: Batman's Best Battles

From his League of Shadows graduation to a brutal battle of the wits against the Joker, here are the Caped Crusader's greatest fights under Christopher Nolan's vision.

'Dark Knight Rises': In Defense Of John Blake

While some fans took issue with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's big reveal, this writer wouldn't have it any other way.

'Dark Knight Rises' Expected To Top Box Office Again In Wake Of Tragedy

Box-office analysts are predicting a second weekend of at least $60 million for the last entry in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

'Dark Knight Rises': What's The Future Of John Blake?

After Christopher Nolan's trilogy, an all-new adventure starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham's finest doesn't seem likely.

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Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

The 'Dark Knight Rises' actor was spotted on Tuesday (July 24) at the Medical Center of Aurora South.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Releases Statement On Theater Shootings

Warner Bros. pledges 'substantial' gift to charity for victims of the July 20 theater rampage.

'Dark Knight Rises' Director Christopher Nolan Always Knew 'How To End The Story'

'For me, movies are all about knowing the end of the story,' the Batman filmmakers tells MTV News.

'Dark Knight Rises' Star Christian Bale Breaks Down Batman's End

'He's always been destined for some kind of a fall,' Bale tells MTV News of the Caped Crusader's fate in 'Rises.'

James Holmes Due In Court Over Colorado Theater Shootings

Holmes denied membership at local gun range over 'bizarre' behavior.

'Dark Knight Rises' Opening Image: Christopher Nolan Explains

The bat symbol gets us off to an icy start in the finale of Nolan's trilogy.