'Dark Knight' Takes Box-Office Crown, Becomes Third Highest-Grossing Film Of All Time

Seth Rogen and James Franco's 'Pineapple Express' settles for #2.

'Dark Knight' Trailer's Joker Shots Have Guillermo Del Toro, Others Smiling

'I thought the Joker was still serving hard time,' Adam West says playfully of character now being played by Heath Ledger.

'Dark Knight' Trailer: Shot-By-Shot Analysis Uncovers Clues About Batman's Next Fight

'To them you're just a freak ... like me!' taunts Heath Ledger's Joker, hinting at the movie's theme.

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Stylish Helen Mirren also shows newcomers how it's done.

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'Dead Man's Chest' holds box-office #1 for third week.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Overcomes Her Fear Of Romantic Comedies

Actress will appear in two next year, 'Trust the Man' and 'Stranger Than Fiction.'

Celebrity Political Blog To Feature Cusack, Gyllenhaal, More

Huffington Post to host 300 entertainers and political figures.

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'Fight Club' actor to play Jesse James in new film he's also producing.

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'Simple Life' co-star signs on for big-screen drama called 'Kids in America.'

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Couple were to appear together in 'In God's Hands.'