Hillary Clinton Had Sweet Words For Kim Kardashian After Her Robbery

Hillary Clinton shared her support for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West following the horrific robbery in Paris.

The King Is With Her

The real power of LeBron's Hillary Clinton endorsement

Mary J. Blige And Hillary Clinton’s Talk Is So Much Better Than Those Singing Memes

An unexpected Springsteen song, "American Skin (41 Shots)," leads to an unforgettable moment in this Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton interview.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Communists, corn dogs, and total immersion in the most exhausting presidential election in modern history

Sia Tweaks ‘The Greatest’ To Support Hillary Clinton

Sia saw an opportunity in Trump's diss and tweaked her single 'The Greatest' by turning it into a rousing endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The Real Winners And Losers: Hoedown At Hofstra Edition

Oh, good! Simultaneous shouting!

‘The Stakes After Dark (SAD!)’: Half The Story

Our podcast heads to the first presidential debate.

A Guide To Watching The First Presidential Debate

And by debate, we of course mean "reality TV adapted for the stage."

Kim Kardashian Is 100% With Her And Endorses Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian officially endorses Hillary Clinton for president with a post that details exactly why 'Hillary will best represent our country and is the most qualified for the job.'

Hillary Clinton Had None Of Zach Galifianakis’s Bullshit On Between Two Ferns

Hillary Clinton tolerated some totally ridiculous interview questions from Zach Galifianakis and schooled him anyway on 'Between Two Ferns.'

Hillary To Millennials: Help Me Help You

Trying to make #Hillennials a thing.

The Birther Wants To Drive You Crazy

How Donald Trump uses gaslighting to avoid blame for his lies.

An Armistice For The Culture War

How a group of evangelicals is trying to chart a new path for Christian political engagement

If You’re A Trump Voter, You’re Not A Conservative — You’re A Homer

And your team is Trump.

The 2016 Encyclopedia Of Controversies

Because we know that you wanted to relive every ... special moment of this election.

The Deplorable Basket

Declaiming who is and isn't racist is a parlor game we don't have time for

Resistance Is Futile

In Trump's America, assimilation isn't about unity. It's about submission.

Why Is My Dad Mad?

Tea Party Barbie Edition

A Brief Primer On Things That Voters Don’t Care About

Courtesy of experts in not wanting to talk about certain topics, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The Appendix: National Parks And Mobile Recreation Edition

Vestigial footnotes from the week in politics.

Why Is My Dad Mad?

RE: RE: FWD: Hillary's Health edition

The Un-American Activities Of Donald Trump

He wants his supporters to observe other voters. Here's why that's dangerous.

Ezekiel & Kweku Present ... E-MAILS

Why Hillary's email should still be a thing

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The sexism behind Trump's whining