17 Couples We Loved And Lost In 2017

A moment of silence, please

Here's Why Hayden Christensen Ditched Movies After 'Star Wars'

Hayden Christensen has revealed why he stopped making movies for a while after he hit the big time with the "Star Wars" prequels.

You'll Never Guess The Disney Princess Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Named Their Baby After

Rachel Bilson officially gave birth to a baby girl today, but what did she and Hayden Christensen decide to name their daughter?

Does Rachel Bilson Have A Baby On The Way?

Rachel Bilson is reportedly expecting her first child with boyfriend Hayden Christensen.

'Star Wars': George Lucas Sheds Light On Future Of Franchise

Lucas sits down with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy to discuss 'Episode VII' and what they're looking for in a director.

Chris Brown Studied Parkour, Martial Arts For 'Takers'

'We use different acrobatics and flips and stuff,' singer/actor says.

T.I. Calls 'Takers' Stunts 'Outstanding'

'The explosions, the shoot-outs, the chase scene with Chris,' Tip teases at premiere for heist flick co-starring Chris Brown.

'Jumper' Steals Away With Box Office As 'Spiderwick' Marks Another Fantasy Failure

'Step Up 2 the Streets' rounds out the long weekend's top three; 'Fool's Gold' drops to fourth place.

'Jumper': Travel Alarm, By Kurt Loder

Hayden Christensen gets stuck in a globe-trotting fantasy that goes nowhere.

Winona Ryder And ... Richard Gere? Movie Couples Gone Horribly Wrong

Sometimes onscreen pairings leave audiences for romance flicks feeling cold.

Next For Movie Awards' Alba, Ferrell And Christensen? Serial Killers, Figure Skating

Stars look forward to upcoming projects that range from serious dramas to outrageously ridiculous comedies.

Movie File: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, 'Transformers' & More

Beckinsale practices her Russian; Alba tries comedy; Christensen channels Dylan.

Movie File: Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, Zach Braff, Ashlee Simpson & More

Former Darth Vader playing 'Sin City' actress' love interest in psychological thriller.

Football-Playing Prisoners, Zoo Escapees Can't Top 'Sith'

'Star Wars: Episode III' held the #1 box-office spot with $70.7 million.

J. Lo, Will Ferrell Trail Behind Record-Breaking 'Sith'

Despite 'Star Wars' prequel's take, box-office earnings were down from last year.

Many 'Star Wars' Fans Skipping Lines, Downloading 'Sith'

DVD-quality bootleg of just-released flick already available online.

Hayden Christensen Says Donning Mask Of Ultimate Evil For 'Sith' Was 'So Cool'

'Star Wars' actor will next appear in 'The Decameron' with Mischa Barton.

What Happened To Han And Leia? How About Jar Jar? 'Star Wars' Emperor Lucas Speaks

Series mastermind says Han Solo is probably 'cooking burgers on the grill.'

Rewind: A Heretic Speaks — 'Star Wars' Kinda Sucks

In the midst of mindless 'Sith' hoopla, a lonely voice speaks.

It's A Good Time To Be A 'Star Wars' Fan ... In Europe

'Revenge of the Sith' will debut at Cannes; U.K. will host first six-episode screening.