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Never say never. The stars of "Taken 3" share whether they think there'll be a fourth movie, and how it could start.

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Hugh Jackman's sixth outing in the role that made him famous made $55 million over the weekend.

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Ben Affleck's critically acclaimed 'Argo' came in a close second with a $20.1 million debut.

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Sequel is expected to hold on to the #1 spot this weekend, with the stiffest competition coming from fell hostage flick "Argo."

Box Office 'Taken' Again By Liam Neeson

'Taken 2' enjoyed a $50 million opening weekend, more than double the debut of the original.

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A solid performance by Liam Neeson does not elevate the film beyond your standard-issue sequel, critics say.

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Liam Neeson, terminator?

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