'Happy Sad Confused’ Podcast: Emile Hirsch On Autopsies And Finding Clarity

Emile Hirsch talks to MTV's Josh Horowitz about autopsies and finding clarity

Emile Hirsch Directed A Music Video For KOGA: Watch It Now

Emile Hirsch directed a music video for KOGA's "Lucky Man."

'Lone Survivor' Has Second Biggest January Opening Ever

Wahlberg's on top as 'Frozen' keeps climbing animation's all-time top 10.

Can Mark Wahlberg Outmuscle Kellan Lutz At The Box Office?

'Hercules' will face off against 'Lone Survivor.'

Mark Wahlberg's Holiday Spectacular Is Inebriated Fun For The Whole Family

Mark and friends Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch stop by for an awkward holiday celebration with Josh Horowitz in a special 'After Hours.'

'Savages' Director Oliver Stone Wants Real Change In Marijuana Laws

After appearing on cover of High Times, Stone tells MTV News, 'You know what it's going to take? New leadership. Young people.'

'Savages': The Reviews Are In!

Critics praise Oliver Stone's drug drama as 'a volatile concoction of violence, heroism and amorality.'

'Savages' Leading Ladies Motivated By Love, Not War

Salma Hayek explains to MTV News that her character is focused on the survival of her family, while Blake Lively's creates her own family.

Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch Are 'Savages' In Oliver Stone's Latest

'She is beautiful and she is sexy. She is hot,' legendary filmmaker says of Lively's performance in his summer flick, out July 6.

Exclusive 'Savages' Trailer: Blake Lively Tells One Sexy Story

See the first trailer for the new Oliver Stone flick, starring Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch, right here.

Jessica Biel, Kenna's Treacherous Trek Featured In 'Summit On The Summit'

MTV doc airing March 14 shows Emile Hirsch, Lupe Fiasco and others climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for clean-water awareness.

Kenna, Summit On The Summit Team Reach Top Of Kilimanjaro

Jessica Biel, Lupe Fiasco, Emile Hirsch joined singer at the peak.

Oscar Night Belongs To 'Slumdog Millionaire,' Kate Winslet, 'Milk'

Penélope Cruz and Sean Penn were among night's surprise winners.

Oscar Predictions: It's Mickey Rourke And Kate Winslet's Year

Our MTV Movies experts (and a couple of friends) think the Best Picture race is between 'Slumdog' and 'Benjamin Button.'

Movies: The Best Of 2008, By Kurt Loder

Sort of...

'Milk' Stars James Franco, Josh Brolin Want To Introduce Harvey Milk To Those In The Dark

'I hope it really raises the awareness of who Harvey was and what he did,' Franco says of the film.

'Milk': Gone, Not Forgotten, By Kurt Loder

Sean Penn brings a gay-rights pioneer back to life.

'Milk' Stars Say Gay-Rights Pioneer's Story 'Isn't Just A History Lesson'

'If Harvey Milk was alive today, there is no doubt he would be fighting Prop 8,' James Franco says of California's recent gay-marriage ban.

California's Gay-Marriage Ballot Proposal Mirrors Upcoming Film 'Milk'

Gus Van Sant movie follows San Francisco city supervisor's efforts against an anti-gay ballot initiative in the 1970s.

'Speed Racer': Massive Attack, By Kurt Loder

The Wachowskis take aim at the family trade. Duck.

'Speed Racer' Stars Emile Hirsch, Matthew Fox, Christina Ricci Compare Their Real Cars To The Mach 5

'I would love X's Gatling guns that pop out of the side of the car — that's pretty badass,' Fox says.

'Speed Racer' Stars Insist Cartoon-Based Flick Is 'Like Nothing You've Seen Before'

Emile Hirsch likens the Wachowski brothers' direction to their groundbreaking work on 'The Matrix.'

Emile Hirsch Talks About Singing Karaoke With Lindsay Lohan, Heading 'Into The Wild' With Sean Penn

Actor also describes what it was like to shoot 'Speed Racer' with the Wachowskis (and a pair of chimps).

'Alpha Dog': The Kids Are All Wrong, By Kurt Loder

Justin Timberlake tops an unforgettable cast in Nick Cassavetes' powerful true-crime drug shocker.