'Hobbit' Stars Can't Wait For 'The Other Biggies' In Next Two Films

But Martin Freeman doesn't want MTV News to get too excited for Smaug: 'Don't give Benedict any more f---ing credit,' he jokes.

'Hobbit' Is The Future Of Cinema, According To Peter Jackson

Director tells MTV News that young fans don't seem to mind the high frame-rate change in 'An Unexpected Journey.'

Could 'Hobbit' Scenes End Up In 'Lord Of The Rings'?

MTV News checks in with Peter Jackson to see if he would re-edit the films to fix some inconsistencies.

Three 'Hobbit' Films? Peter Jackson Says Tolkien Would've Wanted It

'All of the expanding and embellishment was based on the ideas Tolkien was exploring,' director tells MTV News

Will 'Hobbit' Director Pull A 'Star Wars'?

Peter Jackson tells MTV News that the 'Hobbit' trilogy 'will be the end of Middle-earth on film' for legal reasons.

'Hobbit' Trailer: Goblins, Wolves And 'Riddles In The Dark'

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'The Hobbit' Officially Announced As A Trilogy

Director Peter Jackson confirms rumors that a third movie has been added to his upcoming adaptation of the beloved fantasy novel.

'The Hobbit' Feels 'Like A Home Movie,' Ian McKellen Says

Before their Comic-Con panel, 'Hobbit' cast tells MTV News about reuniting with their 'Lord of the Rings' family in New Zealand.

'Hobbit' Panel Brings Middle-earth Back To Comic-Con

Fans are introduced to Evangeline Lilly's elf and Martin Freeman's comical Bilbo.

'The Hobbit' Wraps Production

Peter Jackson's fourth and fifth films set in Middle-Earth have wrapped principal photography, filmmaker announces on his Facebook page.

'The Hobbit' Is Going To Be 'Amazing,' Star Says

Benedict Cumberbatch tells MTV News working with Peter Jackson was 'extraordinary.'

'Hobbit' Brings 'Impending Doom' To Middle-Earth, Elijah Wood Says

'There is gravity, but there's a lot of fun as well,' actor tells MTV News of Peter Jackson's latest Tolkien adaptation.

Peter Jackson Explains 'Hobbit'/'Lord Of The Rings' Link

Director tells MTV News at Sundance how he plans to keep his latest journey to Middle-earth consistent with the 'Rings' trilogy.

Richard Armitage's Journey To 'The Hobbit' Best 'By Far'

The U.K. actor is Middle-earth's most badass dwarf and One to Watch in 2012.

'The Hobbit' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Much-anticipated return to Middle-earth appeals to loyal 'Lord of the Rings' fans.

'Hobbit' Movies Journeying Into Theaters In December 2012, 2013

The titles of the two 'Lord of the Rings' prequels will be 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' and 'The Hobbit: There and Back Again.'

'Lord Of The Rings' Director Peter Jackson Talks 3-D Re-Release

'It would take two to three years to do,' he says of preparing the films for possible re-release.

'Happy Feet' Wins Another Round; 007 Won't Give Up #2

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Penguins Top James Bond Again In Turkey-Day Takedown

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Elijah Wood Joins Emilio Estevez's Robert Kennedy Project

'Lord of the Rings' actor to star alongside Anthony Hopkins, possibly Demi Moore in 'Bobby.'

Elijah Wood Gets 'Happy Feet' In 'Toonful Penguin Love Story

Young actor voices tap-dancing emperor in first major animated role.

Extended 'Return of the King': Bigger And Mostly Better, By Kurt Loder

Expanded editions stretch 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy to more than 11 hours.