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Mickey Rourke has survived this movie. Will anyone else?

Billy Bob Thornton Didn't Understand The Fuss Over Radio Interview

'The fact that that was news was astounding to me,' he says on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Billy Bob Thornton's Band Blames Flu For Canceled Canada Dates

Boxmasters shelf gigs in wake of actor's bizarre interview.

Billy Bob Thornton Booed Onstage, Cancels Canada Tour

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Billy Bob Thornton Interview Becomes Viral-Video Sensation

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And yes, singer is keeping close eye on sixth season of 'Idol.'

Billy Bob Thornton Tries To Corrupt Jon Heder In 'School For Scoundrels'

Veteran jerk-portrayer had little luck tainting fundamentally 'good person' Heder on set, though.

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Things Get Physical On The Set Of 'Mr. Woodcock'

Seann William Scott breaks Billy Bob Thornton's foot.

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Instead of playing sports in real life, actor plays coaches on the big screen.

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