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Will Arnett

Young Han Solo Movie Loses Directors Months Into Filming

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Colin Trevorrow / Sam Richardson

In Her Shoes: Finding Feminism, Cynicism, And Geena Davis At A Walmart Soda Counter In Arkansas

Welcome to the Bentonville Film Festival, where corporate feminism, Walmart, and a mostly pro-Trump audience are working to put more women in film

What Does Christian Netflix Want From Us?

Pure Flix, the Christian version of Netflix, offers thousands of movie and TV titles free of sex, drugs, and β€˜immodestly dressed teens.’ So ... can I get pure if I watch enough pure stuff?

Japanese Teens Are Obsessed With This Dreamy Body-Swapping Anime

Makoto Shinkai’s β€˜Your Name’ is a stunning and earnest exploration into young adulthood

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Young Troy Bolton From High School Musical 3 Looks All Grown Up At Prom

I feel old