It Continues To Justify Your Fear Of Clowns By Dominating The Box Office

Yup. Still floating.


Dylan O'Brien

Claire Foy Tells Us (And Andrew Garfield) She Needs To Get Buff To Play Lisbeth Salander

Watch Foy explain 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' to her clueless co-star

Please Enjoy The Story Of Jennifer Lawrence Teaching Javier Bardem About The Kardashians

'Who are them? What's their planet?'


Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks mother! Is A Perfect First Date Movie

If you don't mind a potential breakup afterward, of course

Is Jake Gyllenhaal Open To Playing Adult Eddie In The It Sequel?

He's Jack Dylan Grazer's pick to play Eddie in the sequel, but what does Gyllenhaal think?

Please Don't Ask Andrew Garfield If He's Seen Spider-Man: Homecoming

He thinks Tom Holland is 'really, truly wonderful,' though

Josh Hutcherson Is Brutally (And Comically) Murdered In Our Exclusive Tragedy Girls Trailer

Two teenaged BFFs look to boost their social media following with a series of bloody murders

Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise Smile Is 100 Percent Creepier Without Clown Makeup

The 'It' star says he used to terrorize his little brother by making this creepy face

Dylan O'Brien Has Been Through A Lot In This Exclusive Scene From American Assassin

O'Brien and Michael Keaton share a tense moment in 'American Assassin'


Guillermo del Toro

Sebastian Stan Says He's The Jon Snow Of Avengers: Infinity War

He's just trying to survive the stampede of superheroes

It Director Says 'Chapter Two' Will Have A Much Darker Tone

Director Andy Muschietti tells MTV News that the sequel won't be a comedy, but it will have multiple timelines

Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Teases Christian Grey And Anastasia Steele's Picture-Perfect Wedding

And then things take a very dark turn

It Floats To Box Office History With Horror's Best Opening Weekend Ever

Pennywise just (also) killed one of Deadpool's records

It Star Finn Wolfhard Would Rather Take On Voldemort Than Pennywise

'I would punch that dude in the face'


Taylor Kitsch

Here's What Makes Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise The Clown So Damn Terrifying In It

Director Andy Muschietti tells MTV News that Skarsgård's performance is 'fearless'


Lake Bell

The It Kids Say Their Group Chats Are Still Active — Maybe A Little Too Active

There's an entire thread full of heart emojis, Finn Wolfhard tells MTV News

Could The DIY Pennywise Tying Red Balloons To Sewer Grates Please Chill

One terrifying clown is enough, thanks

Harry Potter's Original Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Is Going Up For Auction

Accio, envelope!

Will Smith Shares First Cast Photo From The Set Of Disney's Aladdin

Aladdin and Jafar look way too chummy