Christopher Nolan

Donald Glover's Star Wars Character Is Missing One Iconic Component Of His Look

And it ain't the cape

Wonder Woman's Kinky Origins Revealed In Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

Meet the man (and women) responsible for creating Wonder Woman

Pixar's New 'Suburban Fantasy' Sounds Like A Real Tearjerker

Director Dan Scanlon was inspired by the father he never knew

Here's What We Know About Disney's Live-Action Aladdin

The fictional city of Agrabah will draw influences from the Middle East, India, and China

The Lion King Live-Action Remake Celebrates The 'Circle Of Life' In Problem-Free First Footage

Be prepared (to freak out)

The Last Jedi Behind-The-Scenes Clip Will Make You Burst Into Big Sloppy Tears

Get tissues. Now.

Marvel Reveals Spectacular First Footage From Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel dropped the action-packed first footage from 'Avengers: Infinity War' at D23.

Naomi Scott, Will Smith, And Mena Massoud Will Bring Aladdin To Life

Prince Ali, yes it is he — FINALLY

Chris Pine Is Trapped Between Dimensions In The First A Wrinkle In Time Teaser

'The only thing faster than light is the darkness'

War For The Planet Of The Apes Is Winning The Box Office Battle Against Spider-Man

No web can hold back these determined apes

Incredibles 2 Gives Jack-Jack All The Cool Superhero Powers In Supercharged First Footage

The long-awaited Pixar sequel puts Elastigirl in the spotlight, gives Jack-Jack all the powers

Wreck-It Ralph 2 Reunites All Of The Disney Princesses (Yes, All Of Them)

'Ralph Breaks The Internet' with a little help from the Disney Princesses

Gal Gadot Gives The Fans Credit For Wonder Woman's Box Office Success

'Wonder Woman has the best fans in the world ❤️'


Matt Reeves

Michael B. Jordan's Black Panther Villain Might Be More Charming Than Loki

He's the 'charming antagonist' you'll probably love

Ryan Reynolds Perfectly Responds To Wonder Woman's Box Office Success

'Wonder Woman' officially passes 'Deadpool' at the domestic box office

Tom Holland Was Disappointed By His Spider-Man Suit At First

Holland's initial Spidey suit was too big, the actor tells MTV News

Rumor Has It Daniel Craig Is Set To Play James Bond — Again

Apparently, the thought of playing 007 doesn't make Craig want to harm himself anymore

Rihanna Introduces Us To Bubble With This Valerian Teaser

Intergalactic shape-shifting triple-threats, anyone?

The Director Of Dunkirk Didn't Realize That Harry Styles Is Kind Of A Big Deal

'I don't think I was that aware really of how famous Harry was'

Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Set To Be One Of 2017's Strongest Box Office Debuts

Go Spidey go!

Avengers: Infinity War Star Jeremy Renner Broke Both Arms While Filming

'I'll heal fast,' he says, because he's a superhero, remember?


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