It's Official: New Spidey Movie Titled Spider-Man: Homecoming, Will Feature Iron Man

The upcoming Tom Holland-starring Spider-Man movie is officially titled 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'

Zendaya Joins Sony And Marvel's Spider-Man Reboot

Zendaya joins Sony and Marvel's "Spider-Man" reboot alongside Tom Holland.

Marvel Wants To Wrap 'Spider-Man' Before They Talk Spin-Offs

Marvel is totally focused on the "Spider-Man" stand-alone, but let's just say they're not immune to the appeal of Spider-Gwen.

Why 'Sinister Six' Could Be The 'Suicide Squad' Of 'Spider-Man' Movies

Spider-Man might be going through another series of reboots, but "Sinister Six," that spin-off movie full of Spidey villains, could still work.

Spider-Man Tom Holland Shows Off His First Ever Spidey Suit

Today in Instagram, Tom Holland showed of a picture of an old Spider-man costume he used to wear as a child.

Andrew Garfield Is Glad To Be Done With 'Spider-Man' And Here's Why

Andrew Garfield is relieved to be done with his turn as Spider-Man because now he can just relax and enjoy it.

Spider-Man's Packing Heat On The Set Of ‘Suicide Squad’

New Spider-Man Tom Holland visited the set of "Suicide Squad," where he clearly learned that things are veeeery different while filming a DC movie than they are filming a Marvel one.

'Amazing Spider-Man' Director Weighs In On Spidey’s New Reboot

MTV News asked "Amazing Spider-Man" director Marc Webb about what it was like to give up the franchise to a new reboot.

'Spider-Man' Is Circling A Surprise Pick For Aunt May

Marisa Tomei is reportedly the first pick to play Peter Parker's legal guardian in the "Spider-Man" reboot.

Marvel, Your New 'Spider-Man' Villain Already Exists, And His Name Is Kingpin

Wilson Fisk, the heavyweight villain played by Vincent D'Onofrio on Marvel and Netflix's 'Daredevil,' is the perfect villain for the new 'Spider-Man' movie, and here's why.