Celine Dion Responds To Kate Winslet's 'Titanic' Slam

'If she feels tired just hearing it, I'm glad she was not the one singing it,' Dion jokes of 'My Heart Will Go On.'

'Titanic' Theme Song Makes Kate Winslet 'Feel Like Throwing Up'

'Bless you, Celine, but it does rather haunt me,' the actress admits to MTV News of 'My Heart Will Go On.'

Sam Worthington Laughs Off 'Titans' Hair Controversy

'I got more criticism about my hair than Jennifer Aniston did when she started 'Friends,' ' the 'Wrath of the Titans' star quips to MTV News.

James Cameron Calls 3-D 'Titanic' A 'New Experience'

But he's also 'not changing a frame' during 3-D conversion process, which he previewed for reporters Tuesday.

'Avatar' Beats 'Titanic' In Overseas Box Office

James Cameron's latest is set to beat his 1997 epic in worldwide gross early this week.