All The Moments From 'The Interview' That The Hackers Didn't Want You To See

Here are all of the shocking moments from "The Interview" that the hackers didn't want you to see.

North Korea 'Centrally Involved' In Sony Leaks, U.S. Intelligence Confirms

U.S. intelligence officials confirm that the North Korean government was 'centrally involved' in the acts of cyberterrorism perpetrated against Sony Pictures.

Sony's 'The Interview' Won't Come Out On Christmas -- Or Maybe Ever

Sony Pictures has officially pulled out of the December 25 release date for "The Interview."

'The Interview' Pulled From More Than Half Of America's Theaters After Terrorist Threat

The three biggest theater chains in the U.S., Regal, AMC and Cinemark, have pulled "The Interview" from their theaters after terrorist threats.

'The Interview' Cancels Its Premiere Due To Ongoing Terror Threat

In the wake of a terror threat, "The Interview" continues to dial down its pre-release campaign, and one major theater chain has declined to show it entirely.

Sony Hackers Allegedly Threaten Moviegoers: 'The World Will Be Full Of Fear'

The hackers who leaked information from Sony employees allegedly sent a message threatening a 9/11-style attack on moviegoers.

See James Franco And Seth Rogen Wish You A Very Happy (And Naked) Holiday

Franco and Rogen strip down and bare it all in their holiday greeting card. See for yourself, if you dare!

North Korea Claims No Involvement In Sony Hack, But Totally Approves Of It

North Korea claims they have nothing to do with the recent hack of Sony Pictures, but they're totally happy and glad it happened, all things considered.

North Korea Officially Called James Franco And Seth Rogen's New Movie 'Evil'

It's no surprise that North Korea isn't so into a movie depicting an assassination of their leader, and now they've released a statement saying so.

Even Kim Jong-Un Loves 'Firework,' According To Final 'Interview' Trailer

Nobody is immune to the charms of "Firework," according to the final trailer for "The Interview."

Exclusive 'Interview' Clip: James Franco Is Going On A Dinner Date With A North Korean Dictator?

At the MTV EMA, Seth Rogen intros a hilariously confusing sneak peek from "The Interview."

James Franco and Seth Rogen Are Delightfully Crude In 'The Interview' Red Band Trailer

Franco and Rogen play tabloid reporters tasked with interviewing North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

James Franco And Seth Rogen Are Bringing Their 'Interview' Characters To MTV

Franco, as Dave Skylark, will be sitting down with the likes of Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo. His producer, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), will also be there to help.

Seth Rogen And James Franco's 'The Interview' Pushed Til Christmas

What better gift for the dictator in your life that has everything?