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Young actor's life will never be the same following director Marc Webb's choosing him as the new Spider-Man.

'Spider-Man 4' Timeline: From Tobey Maguire To Andrew Garfield

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Donald Glover Says He Was 'Floored' By 'Spider-Man' Campaign

'That's really cool that people have that much faith in me,' actor tells MTV News about efforts to get him cast in reboot.

'Spider-Man' Reboot Will Be 3-D

Marc Webb's franchise re-launch is scheduled to hit theaters in July 2012.

What's Next For 'Spider-Man' Director Sam Raimi?

We take a look at some upcoming projects the producer/director has in the works.

'Spider-Man 4' Director Sam Raimi Exclusively Reveals Plans For The Film

'I've been talking with Tobey about where his character might grow to in this installment,' Raimi says.

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Will Smith Knocks Spidey Out — 'I, Robot' #1 In Theaters

Star's best opening takes in $2 million more than 'ID4.'

'Spider-Man 2' Swings To Top Of Box Office With Superhero-Size Take

Sequel rakes in $180.1 million in its first six days of release.

'Spider-Man 2' Has A Heart And A Brain; 'Before Sunset' Exhilarating, By Kurt Loder

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Carrabba Swing In For 'Spider-Man 2' Premiere

Big-budget sequel opens nationwide on June 30.

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Is Brad Pitt The Next Jesse James?

Movie File: 'Spider-Man,' Matt Stone, Trey Parker, McG, Peter Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Edie Falco & More

Marvel Comics web-slinger getting a second sequel by 2007.

First Image Of 'Spider-Man 2' Nemesis Doctor Octopus Released

Image shows Doc Ock atop Manhattan rooftop on promotional poster touting July 2, 2004, release.

'Spider-Man 2' Villain Doc Ock Cast

Alfred Molina to play bowl-haircut-sporting, tentacled baddie.