Animated Kutcher Tops Action-Hero Ashton At The Box Office

'Open Season' opens at #1; 'The Guardian' debuts at #2; 'Jackass' slips to #3.

'School For Scoundrels': Beta Males, By Kurt Loder

Billy Bob Thornton, in top comic form, offers Jon Heder new hope for the clueless.

Also: A visit to Heaven on Earth in 'Jesus Camp.'

Billy Bob Thornton Tries To Corrupt Jon Heder In 'School For Scoundrels'

Veteran jerk-portrayer had little luck tainting fundamentally 'good person' Heder on set, though.

Movie File: 'Rush Hour 3,' Mischa Barton, Billy Bob Thornton, Heather Graham & More

Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan film in Paris; Barton hunts for a ring; Thornton plays 'gym teacher from hell.'