Happy Birthday To Anne Hathaway, The Queen Of Book-To-Film Adaptations

To celebrate Anne Hathaway's birthday, here's a list of her movies that started out as novels.

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'Love And Other Drugs' Co-Stars Have Chemistry On (And Off) Screen

'Just wait, she's going to say something amazing,' Jake Gyllenhaal gushes about Anne Hathaway during MTV News interview.

'Love And Other Drugs' Stars Say The Story 'Trumps' The Nudity

'I think us taking off our clothes in the movie is the result of us knowing that we cared about the story,' Jake Gyllenhaal tells MTV News.

Anne Hathaway Brushes Off Jake Gyllenhaal/ Taylor Swift Romance Rumors

'I have been Jake's onscreen lover for many, many years,' she tells 'The Seven' of her 'Love and Other Drugs' co-star.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway Talk 'Love & Other Drugs' Nudity

'There's a big difference between nudity and two characters living their lives without their clothes on,' Anne Hathaway tells MTV News.

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