Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Will Be Re-Released With Additional Footage

'I realized I had an embarrassment of riches,' director Jon Chu says.

Justin Bieber Gets Billboard Boost After 'Never Say Never' Opening

While Now 37 takes #1 spot, Bieber's album sales jump 145 percent following his big-screen debut.

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Director's Cut Could Hit Theaters Soon

Jon M. Chu said to be working on version with new footage that may be released in theaters this month.

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'Just Go With It' Narrowly Defeats Justin Bieber At Box Office

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Justin Bieber Tells Guys: 'Take Your Girl' To See 'Never Say Never'

'Even if you don't like my music or anything, just go,' pop star advises.

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Shows Highs, Lows Of Fame, Jay Sean Says

'It gave a really deep insight in the things that perhaps the fans don't see,' the U.K. singer tells MTV News.

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston Discuss Box-Office Showdown With Justin Bieber

Their 'Just Go With It' opens against 'Never Say Never' this weekend.

Channing Tatum Expects Justin Bieber To Clobber Him At Box Office

'Bieber's probably going to murder us,' the 'Eagle' star says of facing off with 'Never Say Never' on opening weekend.

Justin Bieber Talks Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus At NYC Fan Q&A

The teen sensation spoke with fans after the New York screening of his new movie, 'Never Say Never.'

'Never Say Never' Director Says Justin Bieber Haters Have Come Around

'People will make fun of you, but now they truly have the fever,' Jon Chu tells MTV News.

Justin Bieber Gets Help Promoting 'Never Say Never' From Pauly D, Kardashians

Celebs shoot promos for Bieber's 3-D movie, out next week.

Justin Bieber Director Explains Why He Signed On To 'Never Say Never'

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Justin Bieber Debuts New 'Never Say Never' Poster

Teen sensation is shown between his Canadian hometown and the big city in movie poster.

Justin Bieber's Early Drummer Days Featured In 'Never Say Never'

Friends and family talk about Bieber's evolution as a drummer in new clip from upcoming 3-D film.

Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Director Explains Movie's Plot

'It's not just the concert ... this is a musical movie,' Jon Chu says.