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Lionsgate and a rep for Ross have no comment on Playlist report.

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Film had the seventh-highest second weekend ever, beating out 'Wrath of the Titans' and 'Mirror Mirror.'

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'Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss Everdeen!' one MTV News commenter writes.

'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Tops Billboard Album Chart

Adele's 21 remains at #2, followed by the Shins'Port of Morrow and One Direction's Up All Night.

Was Jennifer Lawrence Too 'Curvy' To Play Katniss In 'Hunger Games'?

Fan groups respond to one critic's suggestion that Lawrence's 'womanly figure makes a bad fit' for Katniss.

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Two films with Dwayne Johnson, a Vietnam War romance and 'The Expendables 2' are in the Aussie actor's future.

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Post-Peeta, the actor has a horror/comedy film and 'Red Dawn' on the horizon.

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We recognize the big-screen adaptation's time constraints, but we missed these moments from the book.

'Hunger Games' Ignites Box Office: Experts Weigh In

One box-office watcher tells MTV News the book adaptation was 'the hottest party around and nobody wanted to be left out.'

'Hunger Games' Rakes In $155 Million At Box Office

'Games' had third-highest opening ever, beating out all 'Twilight Saga' movie openings and every non-sequel ever made.

'Catching Fire' Will 'Look And Feel' Different From 'Hunger Games'

Director Gary Ross has some 'not fully baked' ideas about how to change things up for sequel.

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In this week's 'Hunger'-focused episode of 'Talk Nerdy,' we compare the soon-to-be-released film to Suzanne Collins' novel.

'Hunger Games' Actress Isabelle Fuhrman Wanted To Play Katniss

'I went in and actually auditioned for her, but I was too young,' recalls the 15-year-old, who plays District 2 tribute Clove instead.

'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Boasts Civil Wars 'Survival Song'

'It's not a fairy tale. That's what we loved about the books,' John Paul White tells MTV News about movie's music.

'Hunger Games' 'Blew My Mind,' Josh Hutcherson Says

'I was so happy how it came together,' actor tells MTV News.

Jennifer Lawrence Is 'Crazy' Good In 'Hunger Games'

'It's amazing, honestly, to watch her effortlessly flip back and forth,' Josh Hutcherson tells MTV News of castmate's performance as Katniss.

Kristen Stewart 'Can't Wait' To See 'Hunger Games'

'You look at those actors and you kind of can tell why they're doing what they're doing,' 'Twilight' star says on 'Today.'

'Hunger Games' Costume Designer Reveals Biggest Wardrobe Challenge

'The dress [had] a very big chance of coming off as cheesy,' Judianna Makovsky says of Katniss' interview frock.

'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Doesn't 'Play It Cool' Like Peeta

'Peeta has a hard time saying how he feels to women. I have the opposite problem,' Hutcherson tells MTV News.