Radiohead Releases Their Rejected Theme For 'Spectre'

Merry Christmas from Radiohead.

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'Spectre' Earned A World Record For An ~Explosive~ Reason

The latest "James Bond" movie "Spectre" set a world record for largest film stunt explosion.

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"Spectre" star Daniel Craig just vetted One Direction star Niall Horan as the next James Bond.

Sam Smith Regrets His ‘Spectre’ Song, From The Waist Down

Sam Smith has some regrets about his Bond theme song, like how he has to grab his jewels to hit some of the notes.

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Daniel Craig says he'd rather "slash my wrists" than think about doing another James Bond movie right now.

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Sam Smith Totally Went 007 With This 'Spectre' Theme Song Reveal

It looks like Sam Smith might be singing the 'Spectre' theme song after all.

James Bond Is Dressed For Fanciness (And To Kill) On This New 'SPECTRE' Poster

James Bond (Daniel Craig) has an extremely specific work uniform in this new poster for "spectre."

Daniel Craig Wants To Leave 'Sexist,' 'Misogynistic' James Bond Behind

In an interview with Esquire UK, Daniel Craig discusses how to make the James Bond franchise a friendlier place for women.

David Oyelowo Just Made 'James Bond' History

The upcoming audiobook adaptation of Bond book 'Trigger Mortis' will feature Oyelowo as Bond, making him the first black actor to play the sharp-dressed secret agent.

Did Ellie Goulding Just Hint That She Recorded The New James Bond Song?

Ellie Goulding posted a photo after recording at Abbey Road studios. New album or "SPECTRE" song? We don't know yet.

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According to a James Bond expert, agent 007 will never be touched by Hollywood's gender-flipping trend.

'Spectre': James Bond Is Back In This Heart-Stopping New Trailer

The first trailer for "Spectre" is officially here.

Sam Smith Won't Sing The 'SPECTRE' Theme Song, But This Other British Singer Might

Smith hasn't been tapped for the title Bond film tune, but he let slip that Ellie Goulding might've been.

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