The Year of Emotions, feat. Lorde and Hilton Als

The Thin Envelope

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Why YouTubers Won’t Let The Company’s Latest Controversy Slide

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Since her Vine went viral in 2014, the 19-year-old has seen zero profits. Now she’s hoping to change that.

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I Want You To Imagine

What Trump is doing is not unimaginable — it’s someone’s reality. And we have to force ourselves to remember that every day.

Why Lauren Jauregui Won’t Stay Silent

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The Discomfort Of Being Alone

I don’t want it to bother me, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t

The High School Popularity Myth

There was always a popular girl with better instincts, more friends, and dresses I could never quite fit into. But I always attempted to anyway.

My Body Is Not Sorry

At age 14, I was a victim of revenge porn. Now I’m fighting back.

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Heroines aren’t just for little girls. They’re for everyone trying to make sense of this complicated thing called life.