Learning To Think For Myself

The restrictive mindset I grew up around was holding me back

Don’t Be Part Of The Fake-News Problem

It’s actually really simple to avoid

How I Embraced My Afro-Latinx Identity

I'm proud of my ethnicity

How I Overcame My Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Now I understand who I am, and don’t need a crutch anymore

I Will Never Be The Sexy Sad Girl

I used to want to my misery to be sexy. But I was never fun dark. I was sad dark.

I’ve Accomplished A Lot, But Still Feel Like I’m Failing

No matter how much I accomplish, it never feels like enough

The Truth About My 'Picky' Eating Habits

Especially with Thanksgiving coming up, I know my progress will be challenged

The Case For The Thanksgiving Fight With Your Family

Yes, it will be miserable. But unfortunately, it’s necessary.

How I Learned To Appreciate My Younger Brother

The night I realized that my brother was not just my younger sibling, but a person of his own

What It's Like Living With An Incurable Illness

No matter how healthy a person looks, don’t make assumptions if you haven’t lived their struggle

The Truth About Cuffing Season

The goal may be simple, but actually achieving it is far more difficult

We Need Female Politicians Now More Than Ever

We can honor Clinton’s message and change the landscape for female leaders.

Shut Up And Listen

In this post-election climate, listen to criticism and don't be afraid to critique others, as well as yourself

Trans People Are Here And Always Have Been

And now more than ever is the time to support each other

Being A Muslim American Woman In Trump's America

It must be wonderful to have so much privilege that the results of this election truly don’t feel like they affect you

The Problem With ‘Masc 4 Masc’

It’s not just a sexual preference; it’s exclusionary and oppressive

What Obama Has Meant To Young Black Men Like Me

Our president has left a permanent mark

What Happened When I Went To A Trump Protest

I refuse to fight Trump's presidency with hatred

When You’re Feeling Helpless

What do we say to the teenagers who feel deflated during a defining generational moment?

As A Black Woman, I’m Not Surprised By Trump’s Ascent

Our generation isn’t all that progressive compared to those who came before us

Don't Assume How I'll Vote Because Of My Race

My vote is not dependent on being a member of a minority group

To The Frat Bros Who Support Trump

Trump paraphernalia in frat houses makes me, a female college student, feel unsafe

I’m A Conservative Evangelical Christian And I Will Not Vote For Trump

I cannot support a candidate who offends both my religious beliefs and my cultural identity

Building Hope From The Ground Up

Don’t tell me local politics don’t matter