Black Women’s Bodies Are More Than Your Fantasies

My body is worth so much more than sex

American And White Are Not Synonymous

I can barely even blink without someone asking me something ignorant or offensive about my Indian ethnicity

Activism Can Be More Than Just A Hobby Or Project

I turned my early activism into my professional destiny

I Started A Viral Hashtag For More Asian Representation

Seeing people who look like me matters

I Am Not Beautiful

My appearance represents my people and my culture. For that, I will never feel unpretty, never unproud.

Growing Up With A Secret

My parents were illegal immigrants — and we didn’t tell anyone

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The Double-Edged Sword Of Black Olympic Champions

Can black Americans only receive praise when we are slaving away for the country — either on the front lines or on an Olympic stage?

When Being An Ally Means Being Silent

I was asked to speak at an event celebrating black lives. Here’s why I didn’t.

I’m Part Of The Most Important (But Laziest) Voter Demographic

Universities need to start giving a shit about getting students registered to vote

The Power Of Visible Black Faces

What President Obama means to me as a black teen girl living in the UK

When Terror Strikes Close To Home

I hope my roommate isn’t remembered as the girl who was killed by terrorists

The Horrific Aftermath Of Sexual Assault Goes Beyond The Attack

My decision to speak out against my attackers became one of the biggest controversies my town had ever seen

I Went To A Hogwarts Cyberschool And Lived The Harry Potter Dream

Adrienne’s Hogwarts brought the wizarding world to life

We Are Running For Our Lives

A dangerous pipeline could poison my community. I'm running more than 2,000 miles to help stop it.

The Danger In Not Confronting Microagressions

I underestimated the toll it could take on my mental health

Black Lives Matter Is Everyone's Fight

Protesting in Atlanta showed me how powerful we are when we stand up together

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