The Power Of Reading Diverse Authors

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Learning To Accept Pain

This pain may be the perfect platform for my growth.

Finding My Color

The world felt like it was in black and white when I lost my father. But then I found something bigger than myself.

After Pulse

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Finding A New ‘Him’

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The Power Of Understanding Your Body

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Pulling The Triggers

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Being Black Is Not A Singular Experience

Being black is a lot more than the color of one’s skin or the stereotypes others have created and perpetuated

I Am Worth More Than A Number

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When Being Known As The ‘Smart Kid’ Isn’t Enough

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My Decision To Wear The Hijab Is Mine Alone

I shouldn’t have to sacrifice part of my identity just because some people make ignorant assumptions about it

Black Women’s Bodies Are More Than Your Fantasies

My body is worth so much more than sex

American And White Are Not Synonymous

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I Started A Viral Hashtag For More Asian Representation

Seeing people who look like me matters

I Am Not Beautiful

My appearance represents my people and my culture. For that, I will never feel unpretty, never unproud.

Growing Up With A Secret

My parents were illegal immigrants — and we didn’t tell anyone

Apply To Be An MTV Campus Ambassador

We want you

The Double-Edged Sword Of Black Olympic Champions

Can black Americans only receive praise when we are slaving away for the country — either on the front lines or on an Olympic stage?

When Being An Ally Means Being Silent

I was asked to speak at an event celebrating black lives. Here’s why I didn’t.