1. Could the leader of the mutant team really die again?

    04/18/2014 14:29:57

  2. The Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller is having a hard time with the critics.

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  3. 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' star loves Spice Girls, Jennifer Lawrence and way more.

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  4. The 'Avengers' director wrote 'In Your Eyes,' a sci-fi romance debuting at Tribeca.

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  5. Director Zack Snyder teases the 'epic' appearance of the Caped Crusader in his upcoming 'Man of Steel' sequel.

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  6. What do critics think of the Christian film coming out Easter weekend?

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  7. 'It's the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, but so much more,' says Jolie's co-star Elle Fanning.

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  8. We just can't take our eyes off of the Four Seasons musical biopic.

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  9. Film's star believes we're not too far off from technology in sci-fi thriller.

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  10. 'Star Trek' actor talks about the challenges of his latest role.

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  11. The new film from director David Cronenberg promises some steamy suspense.

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  12. Could Princess Anna be headed to your living room?

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  13. 21 years have gone by, and now it's time for a sequel. What?!

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  14. The final installment may no longer be called 'There And Back Again,'

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  15. Take a look at the Australian crime drama, co-starring Guy Pearce.

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  16. New doc focused on rapper's seminal 1994 debut album opens Tribeca Film Festival.

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  17. The 2014 lineup is stacked with stars and movies we can't wait to see.

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  18. We fantasy cast the male leads in Gary Ross' upcoming two-part adaptation.

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  19. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield explore Peter and Gwen's complicated relationship in Spider-sequel.

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  20. Oliver attempts to win back control of his family's business from Isabel Rochev as Slade Wilson raises an army of Mirakuru soldiers.

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  21. Fox 2000 is developing a followup to the 1993 classic comedy.

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  22. If you don't know what happened by now, we're not totally sure what to do with you, and neither does Jack Gleeson.

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  23. The star may be less than serious.

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  24. 'The Revenant' casts the Oscar nominee as a real-life frontiersman looking for revenge.

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  25. Scott Snyder breaks down key scenes of second issue in DC Comics' series.

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  26. There's an online Hogwarts now, and its graduates must be prepared for the big bag world.

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  27. Exclusive art and Guillermo del Toro intro from Sideshow Collectibles anniversary tome.

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  28. We can't wait until October to answer these questions.

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  29. The film's director of photography is tweeting, and we examine the evidence.

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