1. TDE's first lady releases her new video for Z single 'Warm Winds.'

    04/15/2014 16:38:18

  2. Faith Newman signed Nas to Columbia, but it could have been Def Jam.

    04/15/2014 16:08:25

  3. FX aims to re-create the genius of the classic movie on the small screen.

    04/15/2014 16:00:10

  4. The Atlanta rapper previews his album a week early.

    04/15/2014 15:40:25

  5. The Atlanta rapper debuts a trailer for his new EP due in May.

    04/15/2014 14:48:26

  6. The musician shared pics of his first Seder on Instagram.

    04/15/2014 13:52:31

  7. 'He's sounding the best he's ever sounded,' songwriter/producer Rico Love tells MTV News of the upcoming project.

    04/15/2014 13:25:41

  8. Moonie has a new home.

    04/15/2014 13:15:39

  9. From Conan O'Brien's prep as host for the show to how long it took to put up and take down the stage, it's the MTV Movie Awards revealed.

    04/15/2014 13:15:39

  10. A human/dragon love triangle? Yes, please.

    04/15/2014 12:17:56