Soccer Mommy Steps Into The Void On Sometimes, Forever

'I want people to be able to listen to it just for the sonic enjoyment,' Sophie Allison says about making an album with Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin

Perfume Genius's Unknowable Ecstasy

The art-pop maestro's new LP 'Ugly Season' is operatic and bold but insular by design

Flasher's Utopian Joy Is For Everyone

The arty indie band's new album ‘Love Is Yours’ is the sound of throwing everything at the wall and having it all stick

S.G. Goodman's Rustic Hymnals Double As Calls To Action

The Western Kentucky philosopher-songwriter brings queer perspective to rural tales of workers' rights and heartbreak

Charlie Hickey's Songs About Family Love And Middle-School Enemies

The 'Nervous At Night' artist talks creating his debut album and writing love songs that predate his current relationships

My Chemical Romance Lay 'The Foundations Of Decay' In Debut Live Performance

The emo giants return for their first show since 2019

Wet Leg Make Mischief With Concise, Clever Indie Rock

The delightfully droll single 'Chaise Longue' made them a band to watch. Filled with dry, observational lyrics, their self-titled album proves their staying power

The Linda Lindas Are Growing Up And Making A Statement

The band, who went viral for a performance at a Los Angeles library, captures the universal complexities of getting older through fiery punk rock

Camp Cope Triumphantly Weather The Storm

‘I used to think that playing shows and being a musician was the most important thing in the world,’ singer Georgia May says. ‘Then the pandemic happened’

St. Vincent's Attention To Technology Keeps It Timeless

Annie Clark's eponymous 2014 album considered that our online personas were perhaps realer than the ones we inhabit in daily life

Avril Lavigne Spanned The Worlds Of Pop And Rock, Just Like The Artist Herself

Before she returned to full-on pop-punk with 'Love Sux,' Lavigne deftly kept a foot in both realms on her 2013 self-titled album

Sasami's New Album Squeeze Is A Haunted House

'I promise to keep it interesting,' she tells MTV News about her crunching, unexpected LP with thrills around every corner

Fun's Some Nights Redefined Pop-Rock — And Reintroduced Jack Antonoff

A decade later after 'We Are Young' set the world on fire, the hip-hop drums and stadium-rock chorus still rumble

How Rodeos And Farmers Markets Helped Gayle Find Her Voice

And the courage to raise up a proud middle finger

Jeris Johnson Wants Both Blood And Love

The metalhead-turned-TikToker aims to bring rock into the future. His debut album is a start

Anaïs Mitchell's Watershed Moment

The prolific indie-folk artist and 'Hadestown' creator returns to a 'circular' pattern of songwriting for her first solo album in a decade

Grace Cummings Won't Tell You What She Means

The Australian singer-songwriter's intricate folk music offers a showcase for her wailing vocals, even as she keeps the implications to herself

The Prying Eyes Of Snail Mail's Valentine

On Lindsey Jordan's second LP, something undesirable and unusual creeps into her love life: surveillance

Lily Konigsberg's Spunky Songs Of Sadness

'I'm just a little too much of an oddball to write a perfect early 2000s pop gem,' the songwriter tells MTV News, 'but I'm still really influenced by it'

M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming Arrived At The Perfect Moment

Led by massive single 'Midnight City,' the indie-pop milestone served as an auspicious entry point into M83's dreamworld 10 years ago

Machine Gun Kelly Lays Flowers On A Fiery Grave At The VMAs

He closed out the night by smashing his pink guitar

Foo Fighters Taught Us All To Fly With Career-Spanning VMA Performance

'We'll see you in 26 years!'

Olivia Rodrigo Flew Into The VMAs On A Literal Cloud

Made of disco balls

Twenty One Pilot Get Lost (And Found) At Sea For Stormy Version Of 'Saturday'

'My wife is pregnant!' singer Tyler Joseph exclaimed midway through