‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 30: The Season Finale

Ira and Doreen discuss the very best and worst of 2016

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 29: Jesus Hakeem Christ

Also discussed: the best black Christmas movies, the best black Christmas music, and the culture of white Christmas

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 28: A Very Caucasian Movie

Also discussed: the Golden Globe nominees, ‘Nocturnal Animals,’ and the pleasures of Percocet

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 26: ‘Alt-White’

Also discussed: the pleasures of British comedy, holiday struggle plates, and The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 22: ‘This Some Bullshit’

Also discussed: Dream Kardashian, Leslie Jones, how to survive in Trump’s America

'Speed Dial,' Episode 24: Kelly Rowland Is In The Building

Also discussed: Khloé Kardashian and the very bad, no good Halloween costume, plus some Feedback

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 23: The Ballad Of Joanne

Also Discussed: SNL's Black Jeopardy skit, and a new segment called 'Keep It'

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 22: Black Girl Comedy

Also Discussed: the problem with liberal do-gooders, and the death of Venida Browder

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 21: Birth Of A Headass

Also discussed: the Billy Bush saga, and an interview with Brett McLaughlin, songwriter for Daya and Troye Sivan

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 20: Jojo Is Back

Also discussed: Solange's new album, and Kim Kardashian-West

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 19: The Lady And The Trump

Also discussed: the sly liberalism of Will and Grace, and Drake's short film Please Forgive Me

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 18: Angelina Jolie Is Single Now

Also discussed: the Emmys and the irony of "woke" white comedians, and Moonlight

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 17: The State of the Black Sitcom

Also discussed: the problem with newly minted social critic Kate Upton and Usher's new look

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 16: Cuffing SZN

Also discussed: the 10th anniversary of Beyoncé's ‘B’Day’ and Rita Ora at the Vatican

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 15: Joanne The Supermodel

Also discussed: the trash that is Anthony Wiener and the glory of Colin Kaepernick

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 11: Stranger Tings

Also discussed: Where in the world is Frank Ocean, and the fradulence of Trump's KFC photo

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 9: The Self-Care Episode

Also discussed: scaling a volcano in Iceland for a Deftones concert, and self-care

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 7: Black Is The New Black

Also discussed: Put some respeck on the BET Awards name

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 6: Is Hillary Clinton In Formation?

Also discussed: How to spend your paycheck at a single 'happy hour'

'Speed Dial With Ira And Doreen,' Episode 5: The Cult Of Steph Curry

Also discussed: white gentrifiers and public opinion on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

‘Speed Dial,‘ Episode 4: Love In The Time Of Black Panther (Featuring Ben Hardy From X-Men: Apocalypse)

Also discussed: Madonna’s pimp cane at the BBMAs and Tamar Braxton’s Exit from ‘The Real’


In this episode: Views, Lemonade, And What The Hell Went On Between Jay Z and Dame Dash

Here's A Preview Of 'Speed Dial,' An MTV Podcast On Music, Pop Culture, Race, And Sex

In this episode: If Ciara hates Future so much she refuses to even say his name, what does she call her son, Future?