'Game Of Crones' Podcast, The Finale: Come On Cersei, Light My Fire

Only nine months to go until we get another 1,000 stab and rape plots

'Game Of Crones' Podcast, Episode 9: Some Ol' Dirty Bastards

Plus: Why is Davos so obsessed with shitting?


Some Ol' Dirty Bastards

'Game Of Crones' Podcast: Equal Right To Dong

Plus: The Hound's redemption, Brienne and Jaime flirting, and what the hell is going on with Tyrion's open-mic nights in Meereen?


Equal Right To Dong


Charles Manson Makes A 12-Minute Cameo

'Game of Crones' Podcast: The Surprising Attractiveness Of Jaime Lannister

Wait. Is Daenerys Hitler, or ... ?


The Surprising Attractiveness Of Jaime Lannister

'Game Of Crones' Podcast: Summer Is Dead And Winter Is Here

On this week's "Game of Crones" podcast, it's all about dicks, starting with the biggest dick of them all, Bran Stark.


Summer Is Dead And Winter Is Here

'Game of Crones' Podcast: A Heartfelt (And Sexually Charged) Reunion

Finally: Jon and Sansa, reunited! Also: Littlefinger's return, Dany's fiery climax, and Theon's sweater game.


A Heartfelt (And Sexually Charged) Reunion

'The Game Of Crones' Podcast, Episode 3: Happy Mother's Day, From A Bunch Of Dicks

In which we talk about who deserved to die the most, Arya's eyeballs, and little whiney baby Bran.


On the Subject of Jon Snow's Peen

The 'Game of Crones' Podcast, Episode 2: Let's Talk About Snow, (Dead) Baby

Jon Snow's still alive. A bunch of others are now dead. And our 'Game of Thrones' panel is here to discuss it all


Who's Your Bae And Who Should Die?

The Game Of Crones Podcast: In Westeros, You Stay Young And Hot (Or You Die Of Internet Shame)

Listen to our in-house experts dissect the most anticipated TV return of the year


The Red Woman, Jon Snow, and the Season 6 Premiere