Fascism Has Already Come To America

For generations of black Americans, the United States between the end of Reconstruction and the civil rights movement was a dystopian state

Death By Paradise

No dystopia is built without a utopia in mind

Mother Peril

How America endangered and profited from black motherhood

Cat Eyes For A Catastrophe

Darcie Wilder has some beauty tips for an impending dystopic hellscape

Janelle Monáe’s Android Rebellion

The oppression she fights in her musical science fiction is grounded in reality

The Red Pill Theory

We can choose to read The Matrix, and the red pill/blue pill choice within, as either the Wachowski sisters’ queer utopia or a fascist guidebook

Dystopia Now!

From politics to pop culture, the present feels more like a grim sci-fi version of reality than ever before. Welcome to Dystopia Now!, a collection of stories about our darkest timelines.

The Thin Red Line Between The Handmaid’s Tale And Reality

At our marches, red is the color of female solidarity; in fiction, it’s the color of female servitude

Apocalypse, Now: Bad ’80s Flicks That Predicted These End-Of-Days Times

Here’s what dystopian hell awaits us, according to these ’80s movies and straight-to-video gems

During The Apocalypse, Is A Nancy Meyers Kitchen Still White?

As our reality inches toward a real-life ‘Blade Runner,’ we present you with several typically cheery directors and the nightmare films they could (and should) be making

How Pop-Culture Dystopias Can Help Us Understand Our Current Moment

Welcome to Dystopia Week

The Great Dictators

A list of six movies with six fictional oppressors — most of whom we’d take over Trump any day

To Donald Trump, the American City Will Always Be A Dystopic, ‘Eighties Movies’ New York

At the end of of the 20th century, with crime at an unprecedented high, Trump tried to build a fortified castle in New York City. Now that he’s president, could the Old Future New York of film be upon us?

YA Is More Than Just A Genre, It’s A Resource

MTV News spoke with authors Jennifer Niven and Nicola Yoon about the responsibility of being a YA author in a world that mirrors the dystopian ones they write about.

The Walls We’ll Need

Trump says he hates coastal elites. Is he using climate change to drown them?