To The Boy Who Won't Ever Love Me Back

It's OK to have soul mates to whom we will never mean a single thing

The High School Popularity Myth

There was always a popular girl with better instincts, more friends, and dresses I could never quite fit into. But I always attempted to anyway.

What I Learned From A Year Of Writing About Love

Has all this heartache served a greater purpose? Hell no. But writing about it has.

The Love Algorithm That Doesn't Exist

I have become an expert at finding patterns and reading self-help books. But they still don't give me the answers I'm looking for.

I Will Never Be The Sexy Sad Girl

I used to want to my misery to be sexy. But I was never fun dark. I was sad dark.

The Art Of Flirting

I wanted him to know that I was smart and likable. I wanted him to understand how great I am.

Crushing From Afar

It’s safe here in the world of fantasy — there’s nothing risky or scary.