Life, Or Something Terrifying Like It

Director Daniel Espinosa’s clinical space movie is an unemotional and cruel punch in the gut

T2 Trainspotting: Even In Edinburgh, Dead Babies Grow Up

Danny Boyle sat down with MTV News to talk gentrification, his years-long fight with Ewan McGregor, and how ‘cinema is vampiric’

Kong: Skull Island: An Old-School Giant Having The Time Of His Life

‘Kong’ is a charming, popcorn-chomping adventure that could fit in at any movie theater in 1973

Raw: She’s A Maneater And She’ll Chew You Up

Julia Ducournau’s beautiful film about terrible horrors is a coming-of-age allegory about a girl discovering her powers — and developing a taste for something she never thought she could like

A Perfectly Lovely Catfight At Brunch, With Anne Heche And Sandra Oh

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh on dressing themselves, dressing each other, and playing women who truly don't give a damn

Before I Fall: You Make Me Feel Like I’m Living (And Reliving) A Teenage Nightmare

Ry Russo-Young’s teen melodrama is an almost-captivating ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’

Logan Brings Heart And Horror To X-Men

James Mangold’s ‘Logan’ is a phenomenal, throat-slashing, gut-stabbing superhero movie

Get Out: The Call Is Coming From Inside The Rich, White, Suburban House

Jordan Peele’s haunting first horror movie taps into the bleak fear of seeing a disaster coming from a mile away, and still being unable to escape

The Great Wall Gives History The Middle Finger

Full of historical inaccuracies, lizard-looking aliens, and a white savior to boot, Yimou Zhang's blockbuster is a looney epic from outer space

Cat Fancy: Kedi And The Celebrity Stray Cats Of Turkey

Director Ceyda Torun’s charming documentary follows seven stray cats from Istanbul and the humans who interact with them

50 Shades Darker: Bad To The Boner

The second installment in the ‘50 Shades’ trilogy is so brilliantly bad it’s genius

John Wick: Chapter 2: Fantastic Fights And Where To Find Them

The action movie action movies desperately need

The LEGO Batman Movie: All Those Wonderful Toys

The best version of Batman is 2 inches tall and wrapped in shiny, plastic, multimillion-dollar blockbuster packaging

The Space Between Us: There’s No Life On Mars

Despite a worthy attempt from Asa Butterfield, this tone-deaf teen romance has zero gravity and zero thrills

The Comedian: It’s Not Easy Being Mean

Robert De Niro’s insult comedy cringe-fest trips over its own clown shoes

Sundance Diary, Day 4: The Day The FBI Came To Park City

Three documentaries on Syria and a day in Sundance’s virtual-reality tent

Sundance Diary, Day 3: Every Californian Has A Cold

Walkouts during Flying Lotus's 'Kuso.' Brittany Snow in 'Bushwick.' Cate Blanchett's 'Manifesto.'

Sundance Diary, Day 2: Landline, Bitch, And The Goddess Salma Hayek

Plus: A march as fun and full of loud women as the hundreds of others around the world — but with its own Sundance frills

Sundance Diary, Day 1: Inconvenient Truths On Inauguration Day

In case it wasn't clear, this is a war

Split: How Many Personalities Does It Take To Make A Comeback Movie?

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest is a strange, chilling popcorn thriller, where both the bad guy and his victims are, well, victims

The Founder Is A Capitalist Happy Meal With A Vanilla Shake

The story of the soulless McDonald’s businessman at the heart of the fast-food empire, which opens wide on inauguration weekend, has a moral obligation to say more

Silence Asks, And Tries To Answer: What Would Jesus Do?

Scorsese's sprawling, stunning, often violent epic forces us to grapple with our own religious doubts and uncertainties

Barry: Obama, The College Years

Director Vikram Gandhi's nuanced portrait of the young Barack Obama is one of the best films of the year

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story You've Seen Before

The legendary blockbuster franchise's first stand-alone movie plays its familiar beats one more time