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Tim Kash


  1. MTV UK...MTV Ireland...MTV Europe...MTV Africa...MTV Arabia... 25 year old Tim Kash has literally been all over the world corresponding for MTV. Having covered over 70 countries while corresponding for MTV UK he's become affectionately known as the "King of Europe." As the newest addition to the MTV US News team there's clearly no sign of his slowing down!

    Confident in his goals of pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry from an early age, Tim began working for a major UK record label as a teenager at the age of 17. Getting his foot in the door was just what he needed as he soon found himself signed as MTV UK's youngest VJ. His growing popularity and continued success on MTV soon captured the attention of BBC executives and he was hired to host Europe's premiere television music show, "Top of the Pops." Kash is largely credited with the revitalization of the program including its shift to a live primetime format, as well as the highest ratings in its history. This came as no surprise for "Top of the Pops" executive producer Andi Peters, who raved about "Tim's confident and charismatic presenting style." At the time "Top of the Pops" rotated their hosts weekly. Tim's presence was so infectious that they allowed him to host the show permanently for a year while he continued to fulfill his role at MTV. Talk about a busy man!

    Following his success on BBC, Tim joined MTV News UK in 2003. Kash spearheaded several critically acclaimed news specials which inspired social justice and encouraged youth awareness and involvement. "MTV meets Prime Minister Tony Blair" saw Kash travel to South Africa with Prime Minister Tony Blair to interview him on the issues facing young people in Africa, the HIV pandemic, the future of the continent, 3rd world debt and the aftermath of the Iraq war. This show was the first of many head to heads between Tim Kash and the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Committed to making a difference, Tim's interactive journalism took him around world. Not only has he made a difference as a journalist, but in 2004 he began the BOOM! Music Video Academy in the UK as a program set out to inspire young people to pursue a career in the production of music videos and short films. He also remains a patron at Great Ormond St. Children's Hospital in the UK, as well as serves as an ambassador to both the Princes Trust and MTV's Staying Alive organization.

    In 2004, just days after the Asian tsunami hit, Tim flew with a small team to the most devastated regions of Sri Lanka to help with the relief effort. During his stay, he filmed and documented the relief effort and personally witnessed the immediate effects the tsunami had on people - especially young people- across the region in the MTV-global production called "MTVNews: After the Tsunami". The show was nominated for a handful of awards and firmly established him as one of MTV's leading on-air talents.

    Tim Kash's most recent travels have found him right here in New York City as he became the newest member of the MTV US News staff in 2007. Kash considers this, "a dream come true," and looks forward to using his newfound role in pop culture as a means to promote UK talent within the United States. While still a new face here in the US, Kash has already been credited with hosting the VMA Pre-Show live from Las Vegas and New York coverage of the Live Earth benefit. He's interviewed such notables as 50 Cent, Diddy, and The Pussycat Dolls to name a few.