A British War Hero Has A Message For Your Islamophobia — And It's To ‘F—k Off’

Chris Herbert, a British veteran who lost his leg in Iraq, wrote a simple and beautifully profane Facebook post for anyone "expecting" that he'd be racist or Islamophobic.

J.K. Rowling Says Trump Is Worse Than 'He Who Shall Not Be Named'

J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to confirm this super important fan-theory: Yes, Donald Trump is worse than The Dark Lord Voldemort.

Jon Stewart Returns To ‘The Daily Show’ To Shame Congress Into Supporting 9/11 First Responders

An exasperated Jon Stewart made a brief but powerful return to "The Daily Show" to shame congress for the inaction that caused the Zadroga Act — a key healthcare bill for 9/11 first responders — to expire earlier this year.

Sicily’s Mount Etna Eruption Is Hands-Down The Coolest Blow-Up Of 2015

The eruption of Sicily's Mount Etna on Thursday (Dec 3.) night was one of the most violent of the last two decades.

If You Think 'Safe Spaces’ Are For Narcissistic Babies, You're Not Listening

When the request for a space to be made safer is met with this kind of vitriol and "the end is nigh" talk -- it kind of confirms that they aren't entirely wrong to be asking for it.

Mark Zuckerberg Needs To Learn The Cardinal Rule Of The Internet — Don't Read The Comments

Mark Zuckerberg has personally been responding to commenters re: his big charity announcement.

NASA Has A Stellar View Of Volcanoes From Space — Peep The Pics

NASA has some brand new pictures of Hawaii's highest volcano -- and there's a reason this place is so popular with the star-gazing pros.

Even This Fox News Anchor Thinks The Second Amendment Is 'Stupid'

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera lambasted the NRA and the Second Amendment on Twitter following Wednesday's (Dec. 2) attacks in San Bernadino, CA.

That 70K Minimum Wage CEO’s Story Might Have A Sketchy Side

Dan Price's decision to up his employees' pay might have come after lawsuit threats from his brother, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, and it might just change the whole story. He also denies allegations that he abused his former wife in 2006.

Ted Cruz Thinks Birth Control Access Isn't A Problem Because Condom Dispensers Exist

'Rubbers,' as Cruz so-charmingly refers to, are not the end-all be-all of contraceptives -- in fact, sweeping statements about the availability of condoms barely hit the surface of the average woman's birth control experience.

A U.K. Student Is Fighting To Keep Feminism In The Classroom

She's now fighting to bring her petition to the highest offices to keep women in history books.

This School District Canceled A Reading Of A Trans Teen's Book After Lawsuit Threats

An elementary school in Wisconsin canceled a reading of Jazz Jenning's "I Am Jazz" -- part of a lesson on acceptance to support a transgender student at the school -- after parents threatened to sue.

This New Doc Illustrates The Terrifying Countdown To Mass Extinction

The filmmakers behind "Racing Extinction" tell MTV News how young people -- yes, you and me and everyone we know -- can literally save the world.

A Muslim Woman Thanks Fellow Train Passengers Over Facebook For Defending Her From Islamophobes

A Muslim woman wrote a kind note on Facebook to the "sweet people" who protected her and her sister from an Islamophobe who was harassing them on the train.

Bernie Sanders Explains How Free College Can End Mass Incarceration

Bernie Sanders discussed two major intersections of his campaign criminal justice and education reform on Saturday (Nov. 21) at a BET event.

Dallas Mayor Explains Why White Men Are Scarier Than Refugees

The mayor of Dallas, Texas makes a bold statement that perfectly explains why Islamophobic and xenophobic reactions to refugees are hypocritical.

Why Do Politicians Get Away With So Many Lies? A Psychologist Explains

You've read about a lot of the lies politicians tell, but why do they keep getting away with it?

Everything You Need To Know About Space Sex From Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil Degrasse Tyson gave the (apparently) much sought after answer to a particularly probing space mystery: How do you have sex in space?

There Is No Reason To Have Pennies In 2015

No one uses pennies. They cost more than a cent to make. How are they still around?

Donald Trump Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Support Bringing Back Waterboarding

Remember that heinous act of torture where a person is forced to experience a simulated drowning? Remember when we supported that? Fun times.

14 People You’ll (Unfortunately) See At Your Hometown Bar On Thanksgiving Eve

'OMG. How are youuu? You. Look. Great.'

John Green Explains One Thing We All Get Wrong About Mental Illness

John Green talked about his personal experiences with mental illness.

‘Scandal’ Got So Much Right About The Realities Of Abortion

The mid-season finale of "Scandal" offers an authentic portrayal of an abortion procedure that is so, so important.

Donald Trump’s Latest Comments Sound A Whole Lot Like Nazi Germany

Donald Trump told reporters that he would support a program that required Muslim's to register in a database -- and it's getting a lot of comparisons to Nazi Germany.