This New Act Could Make Applying For Citizenship Way Cheaper

'Becoming an American citizen should not depend on whether or not you can afford a costly application fee'

Donald Trump Has To Unblock His Twitter Critics Now

According to three judges, 'the government had engaged in viewpoint discrimination'

Elijah Al-Amin, A Black Teenager, Was Stabbed To Death For Listening To Rap Music

'You took a helluva kid,' Elijah’s dad said.

Gun Violence Survivors Won't Let Activism Burnout Get In Their Way

'We see this happening every single day. And as much as we do, it doesn’t seem to go away.'

Gerrymandering Is Fair Game For These Texas Teens

'Gerrymandering is not a game… except when it is.

A Trump Attacked Kamala Harris — And Other Democrats Are Calling The Racism Out

Harris 'doesn’t have shit to prove,' Senator Cory Booker said.

Kamala Harris Schooled Joe Biden On Racial Inequality

'As the only Black person on stage, I would like to speak on the issue of race'

Eric Swalwell Used A Joe Biden Story To Dunk On Joe Biden

Eric Swalwell insured the second night of the 2020 Democratic primary debates were full of sass, brass, and dunks.

Nothing But Respect For My President, Megan Rapinoe

She has pledged not to go to the White House, whether or not the U.S. Women's National Team is invited

Why This Sex Toy CEO Decided To Sue The MTA

“I really think that this is a little bit of a misunderstanding,” Alexandra Fine told MTV News. “I don't want to be in a long drawn-out MTA case.”

Fake Social Media Activism Is Hurting Real Sudanese Advocacy Efforts

Sudanese citizens are in the midst of a crisis. But that hasn't stopped some Instagram accounts from allegedly taking advantage of the civil unrest to gain more followers

A Sex Toy Company Is Suing New York City's Subways

Bad vibrations