The Bad Batch: Cannibals Across The Line

Ana Lily Amirpour’s latest feels like a beautiful, apocalyptic audition for the next ‘Mad Max’

In Her Shoes: Finding Feminism, Cynicism, And Geena Davis At A Walmart Soda Counter In Arkansas

Welcome to the Bentonville Film Festival, where corporate feminism, Walmart, and a mostly pro-Trump audience are working to put more women in film

Wonder Woman Is A Straight-Up Knockout

An excellently directed, action-adventure superhero movie with feminism at its heart

Alien: Covenant: We’re Not OK, Computer

Ridley Scott’s latest in the franchise is a beautiful, sprawling epic that doesn’t really tell us anything new. And that’s just fine.

Sleight: The Reluctant, Kinda-Sorta Superhero

J.D. Dillard’s supernatural, genre-bending, coming-of-age thriller

Suddenly Infamous: Casting JonBenét And Rodney King

This Friday, Netflix premieres two experimental films about notorious ’90s crimes, accidental fame, and the ‘villains’ behind the headlines

Free Fire Fires And Misses

For all its shoot-’em-up, popcorny-summer-movie fun, Ben Wheatley’s testosterone spree shows how low men can go

The Lost City Of Z: An Adventure Movie As Chilling As The Amazonian Fog

The story of real-life explorer Percival Fawcett steps outside of summer blockbuster season

Colossal: The Return Of Hathaway

Nacho Vigalondo’s monster comedy is the best self-aware joke you’ll watch all year

The Great Dictators

A list of six movies with six fictional oppressors — most of whom we’d take over Trump any day

Life, Or Something Terrifying Like It

Director Daniel Espinosa’s clinical space movie is an unemotional and cruel punch in the gut

T2 Trainspotting: Even In Edinburgh, Dead Babies Grow Up

Danny Boyle sat down with MTV News to talk gentrification, his years-long fight with Ewan McGregor, and how ‘cinema is vampiric’

Kong: Skull Island: An Old-School Giant Having The Time Of His Life

‘Kong’ is a charming, popcorn-chomping adventure that could fit in at any movie theater in 1973

Raw: She’s A Maneater And She’ll Chew You Up

Julia Ducournau’s beautiful film about terrible horrors is a coming-of-age allegory about a girl discovering her powers — and developing a taste for something she never thought she could like

A Perfectly Lovely Catfight At Brunch, With Anne Heche And Sandra Oh

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh on dressing themselves, dressing each other, and playing women who truly don't give a damn

Before I Fall: You Make Me Feel Like I’m Living (And Reliving) A Teenage Nightmare

Ry Russo-Young’s teen melodrama is an almost-captivating ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’

Logan Brings Heart And Horror To X-Men

James Mangold’s ‘Logan’ is a phenomenal, throat-slashing, gut-stabbing superhero movie

Bill Paxton Had Mean Dreams

The beloved movie star, music fiend, and set decorator on how a small-town Texas kid arrived on a sunny beach in Cannes

Get Out: The Call Is Coming From Inside The Rich, White, Suburban House

Jordan Peele’s haunting first horror movie taps into the bleak fear of seeing a disaster coming from a mile away, and still being unable to escape

The Great Wall Gives History The Middle Finger

Full of historical inaccuracies, lizard-looking aliens, and a white savior to boot, Yimou Zhang's blockbuster is a looney epic from outer space

Cat Fancy: Kedi And The Celebrity Stray Cats Of Turkey

Director Ceyda Torun’s charming documentary follows seven stray cats from Istanbul and the humans who interact with them

50 Shades Darker: Bad To The Boner

The second installment in the ‘50 Shades’ trilogy is so brilliantly bad it’s genius

John Wick: Chapter 2: Fantastic Fights And Where To Find Them

The action movie action movies desperately need

The LEGO Batman Movie: All Those Wonderful Toys

The best version of Batman is 2 inches tall and wrapped in shiny, plastic, multimillion-dollar blockbuster packaging