The Disgusting Water In Flint Might Be Causing Another Deadly Disease Now

In addition to lead poisoning in children, residents are now dying from another deadly disease.

Italian Police Make Arrest In Ashley Olsen Murder Case

Republicans debate tonight, 7 killed in Jakarta terror attack and 3 Powerball winners.

Millions Of Refugee Children Are Missing School Every Day

Children want to be in school -- sometimes more than they want food and water.

Watching All That Footage Of Mass Shootings Might Be Giving Us PTSD Symptoms

People can develop "apprehension, nightmares, hyper-vigilance and insomnia from repeated exposure to these events," one expert said.

Iran Frees 10 U.S. Sailors Who Drifted Into Enemy Waters

Obama calls for war on cancer in final SOTU address and a deadly suicide attack on Pakistani polio center.

Scientists Are Making Super-Efficient Lightbulbs Using Nano Mirrors, Of Course

Don't give up on incandescents just yet.

Expect President Obama's Final State Of The Union To Be A Greatest Hits Mic Drop

Rand Paul skipping undercard debate and Detroit teachers stage massive sickout.

Watch David Bowie Call MTV Out For Not Playing Black Artists In 1983

Bowie called the lack of black artists on MTV 'very interesting.'

David Bowie: Rebel, Rock God And Shape-Shifter Sent To Us From Outer Space

An appreciation of the legendary rock icon who died Sunday at age 69.

Four Teens In Custody After NY Playground Rape

The trial of the Freddie Gray police van driver begins today and a white supremacist group is stumping for Trump in Iowa.

Nutritionists Slam The New U.S. Dietary Guidelines

One called them 'a national embarrassment.'

Fingerprints, Bomb-Making Materials Found In Apartment Of Wanted Paris Terror Suspect

Sexual assaults at military academies doubled last year and 'Mein Kampf' back in print in Germany today.

These Scientists Figured Out A Way To Make Clean Energy Out Of Squats And Curls

This is super exciting.

The Car Of The Future Is Here And It Gives Anti-Rage Massages

Breathe deep, enjoy this refreshing chair massage instead of ramming the jerk in front of you.

Tennessee High School Cancels Basketball Season After Teammate Rape Investigation

Florida professor fired for claiming Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and Bill Cosby won't be charged in two L.A. assault cases.

This Teen Inventor May Have Just Solved The Texting And Driving Problem

Keep 'em at 10 and 2!

Ben-Gay, Eye Irritant? Here Are The Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Obama’s Tears

An onion in the lectern, because that's a thing presidents do.

North Korea Claims It Detonated An 'H-Bomb Of Justice'

Also: Flint declares state of emergency over tainted water and British parliament to debate Donald Trump ban.

This App Can Tell You What's In Your Food Just By Scanning It

It's like 'Star Trek,' but, you know, for real.

Here’s Why The Word ‘Iowa’ Will Haunt You For The Next Month

Why the first-in-the-nation presidential contest gets so much attention.

Obama Lays Out His Executive Action On Guns In An Emotional, Fiery Speech

Obama says he doesn't want to take away your guns, but give you peace of mind.

6-Year-Old 'Jihadi Junior' Called Out By Grampa, Who Says He's Scared, 'Doesn't Know Anything'

Also: 'Affluenza' teen's mom facing extradition hearing and Trump camp says it meant to show Morocco instead of Mexico in ad.

Here’s Why It’s Vital That We Get To Mars Right Away

You can't know until you go.

Donald Trump Vows To 'Unsign' New Gun Laws President Obama Hasn't Even Announced Yet

Also: Armed protesters won't leave Oregon refuge and workers return to site of San Bernardino shootings.