Bet You Can Guess Which Song Blink-182 Blessed Steve Aoki With For His Birthday

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Tiffany Haddish Is Preaching The Gospel Of Cardi B To Other Musical Legends


Gaten Matarazzo Totally Isn't Old Enough To Drive But Gave Kelly Clarkson A Lift Anyway

The 'Stranger Things' star makes for a solid golf cart chauffeur

Kanye West Knew He'd Marry Kim Kardashian Way Before He Proposed, According To Diplo

Also: Totally called the birth of Yeezy and those presidential goals, too

Coco Strums Its Way Through A Heartwarming Debut At The Box Office

'Justice League' is no match for Miguel and his adventures in the Land of the Dead

Joe Manganiello Shares An Up-Close Look Of His Villainous Justice League Role

Spoiler: It is not this creepy looking dude in the background

Miley Cyrus Has One Word For Those Pregnancy Rumors


Josie & The Pussycats Are Way More Than A Fictional Band β€” Just Ask Kay Hanley

The Letters to Cleo frontwoman is a big part of Josie's reinvention, and she loves these lasting characters

You Can Now Own One Of Lana Del Rey's Vintage Dresses

You'll 'Love' these mod frocks

BeyoncΓ© Just Redefined What A Ponytail Is Capable Of Achieving

Gravity not included

Cardi B Gives An Album Update: 'I’m Going To Take My Time Till It’s Right'

'I have a lot of pressure on me...'

Chance The Rapper Misses Barack Obama So Much He Crooned Him An R&B Ode On SNL


Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, And More Mourn One Of Their Favorite Designers

Beloved red carpet champion Azzedine AlaΓ―a passed away on November 18 at 82

Eminem Surprised On Saturday Night Live By Working 'Stan' Into His Performance

Skylar Grey joined him for 'Love the Way You Lie,' too

So Justice League Isn't Doing So Super At The Box Office

More like ... Bust-ice League (I'm sorry)

Kim Kardashian's Birthday Wish For Something Shockingly Normal Just Came True

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Chance The Rapper And Donald Glover Collaborated On One Of His SNL Sketches

Plus: Chance isn't ashamed of his Drake adoration

Beware Of Jack-Jack's Eyeball Lasers In The New Incredibles 2 Teaser

⚑ Proceed with adorable caution ⚑

Nicki Minaj Loves That Lil Uzi Vert Reminds Her So Much Of Lil Wayne

'He just gives me the Lil Tunechi vibe'

Luis Fonsi Dedicates His Many 'Despacito' Latin Grammy Wins To Puerto Rico

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Kim Kardashian Would Rather Drink Disgusting Things Than Sell Out KhloΓ© And Kylie

Never doubt her ability to keep a secret

Warped Tour Will Lap The Country One Last Time In 2018

Get in the pit while you still can

Jennifer Lawrence: It's A 'Misconception' To Think Sexual Harassment Is Just A Hollywood Problem

Emma Stone, Mary J. Blige, and more also open up about harassment and more in a revealing roundtable

Kylie Jenner, We See You And That Iceberg Of A Maybe-Engagement Ring

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