Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Reveals Sexist Comments From Fellow Senators

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's new book, "Off the Sidelines," brings sexism in the senate to the forefront with works like porky, baby and chubby being thrown around, you'd think this was the 1980s.

When A Fan Told Britney Spears Her Music Helped Him Come Out, Here's How She Responded

Britney Spears writes mega fan a letter in support of him coming out of the closet.

Cancer-Stricken 5-Year-Old Gets His Wish To Swim In The Ocean Due To Philanthropic Strangers

Cancer-stricken 5-year-old Liam Myrick finally got his wish of playing in the ocean, thanks to a fellow cancer survivor.

Lea Michele AKA Rachel Berry Will Return To 'Glee' Club In The Show's Final Season

Looks like "Glee" will be getting its very own Rachel Berry aka Lea Michele back for the final season.

Emma Stone Is Rocking A Flawless New Bob In Venice

Emma Stone has ditched her long curls for a short, blunt bob. See the pics!

Beavis & Butt-Head Review The 2014 VMAs

We resurrected our two favorite losers to review the VMAs. Because we promised them nachos. Here's what they had to say about Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and more of the night's biggest stars.

Katy Perry's Slow Dance With An Alien Cannot Be Explained

Katy Perry dances with an alien in her latest Instagram.

Bill Murray Just Got His Own Holiday, And All Is Finally Right With The World

He's got that going for him, which is nice.

'Community' Has Been 'Saved': See The Season-Six Teaser

Watch the first teaser for season six of "Community."

Here's A Song About Tinder… Because It Was Really Only A Matter Of Time

Brooklyn-based band Miracles of Modern Science have released a song about Tinder.

Wait... Michael Cera Released An Album Last Night?

Michael Cera released a solo album, true that on Tuesday night.

A Brittany Murphy Biopic Is Coming To Lifetime

"The Brittany Murphy Story" is coming to Lifetime.

See The First Pictures Of Josh Hutcherson And Benicio del Toro In 'Escobar: Paradise Lost'

See the first photos of Josh Hutcherson and Benicio del Toro In "Escobar: Paradise Lost."

Taylor Swift And Lorde Continue Being The Cutest BFFs Ever With Cooking Class Date

Taylor Swift and Lorde give us serious FOMO with their cooking class date.

Buffalo Bills Fans Are The Drunkest Fans In NFL, According To New Book

It's cold as heck and their team hasn't made the playoffs in 14 years, do you blame them?

Mel B. Has A Theory On Why Ginger Left The Spice Girls

Spice Girls alum Mel B. talks about why Ginger left the group and her beef with Diddy.

Watch Christina Hendricks Take Her 'Mad Men' Character To A Modern-Day Office

Christina Hendricks puts Joan in a modern-day office in a new Funny or Die sketch.

'Cupcakes' Is Kinda Like Rebecca Black's 'Friday'… But About Cupcakes

"Cupcakes" is the latest video from Patrice Wilson.

This Teacher Showed Up On Her First Day Drunk And Pants-less

A teacher was arrested for showing up to her first day drunk and without pants.

The Ryan Gosling Bathroom Is Real, And It's Spectacular

There's a Ryan Gosling-themed bathroom at a sushi restaurant in San Diego, California.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's $20 Million Home Is Fit For A God

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are buying a $20 million home fit for gods.

Here's Proof All Your Selfies Are Pointless Without Animals

Posting countless pics of your own face isn't cute. You know what is? These cuddly critters.

Why New Yorkers Are Swiping Right For Dogs' Tinder Profiles

True love on Tinder just got real, even if users weren't originally looking for a pet to adopt.

This Guy's Epic Roof Jump Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Watch this GoPro footage of Ethan Swanson's crazy-ass stunt.