Guess Which Party Loves The Military Now?

The Democrats may have grabbed the rhetorical high ground, but there’s still no contradiction between supporting our troops and questioning military might.

Platform Dive

How the GOP tied themselves to Trump.

On The Ground In Saint Paul: Mourners Rail Against The Murder Of Philando Castile

"I'm done praying about this," one man said. "I'm done getting on my knees."

Why Is My Dad Mad?

Wipe the Server After You're Done edition

The Old And The Restless: Politically, Adults Are The New Youngs

We're in a historical moment where it's young people who seem to be showing more deliberation — if not exactly restraint — than their elders.

Trump's Long Con: The GOP Isn't Even Getting A Grifter

Trump flunks his first presidential stump.

From The Desk Of Jeb! Bush: Dear Donald

Let me help you with that.

A Bad Guy With A Gun-Law Idea

Trump's support for the terror-watch-list ban illustrates exactly what's wrong with it.

You Must Remember This

Remembering our various identities doesn't separate us from each other; recognizing them is what binds us.

The Art Of The Wheedle: Donald Trump's Genius Business Plan For The GOP

The GOP, bless its tiny, cold heart, has bought into Trump's logic

Biased Against Trump And Proud

Trump has bullied "unbiased" out of existence

Like A Prayer: Is Social Justice The New Campus Religion?

Social justice springs from a commitment to love and service, and in that way it is religious.

The Looking-Glass Slipper: Why We Love Ivanka

For starters, she's not a man — a very specific man, that is

Our Game Of Thrones Voter's Guide Will Help Make The North Great Again

Can you decide between Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen? Let our totally legitimate 'Game of Thrones' voter's guide help you decide who should sit on the Iron Throne.

Social Conservatives Aren't Retreating — They're Regrouping

Ted Cruz's loss won't change the minds of these supporters anytime soon.

More From The Secret Diary Of Jeb! Bush

Story of my life, man. Story. Of. My. Life.

The Killer Inside Me

I can't hate Ted Cruz — we have too much in common.

Grief At The Gates At Paisley Park: Mourning Prince In Minnesota

Ana Marie Cox visits the heartbroken fans outside the gates of Prince’s studio

One Nation, Under Trump

Trump appeals to evangelicals because he is one.

The Surrealist Democratic Debate Scorecard

No sleep till Brooklyn — and then still no sleep because there was a lot of yelling

Ted Cruz's Revenge Of The Nerd

The GOP’s enemy of its enemy is not its friend

Ted Cruz Is No Anti-Trump

Neither represents the future of the GOP -- they’re its end

The Encyclopedia Of Ted Cruz's Pop Culture References

He's a fan. Really.

Mission Earth: Weightless Destiny

The story of Ben Carson, as told by L. Ron Hubbard*