Saturday's March in DC Showed Me A Future To Believe In -- Maybe

At Saturday's Women's March in Washington, thousands of people started a conversation. Now it's up to us to continue it.

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The animosity between the U.S. and Russia has old roots and a complex history. Don't expect anything to change soon.

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‘The Real Racist’

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The GOP Didn’t Fail — Conservatism Did

Trump isn’t successful because he’s conservative. He’s successful because he’s not.

Dirt On Donald Trump Doesn’t Matter

Everything we needed to know about Donald Trump was already public — his supporters just didn't care

Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Is Exactly What America Doesn’t Need

"A Better Way" wants to appeal to independent voters (and distance the GOP from Trump). Too bad it's not a very good idea.

When Donald Trump Loses

By refusing to say whether he’ll concede, Trump shows that yet again, his biggest concern is himself

The Republicans Fighting To Save The GOP From Donald Trump

'The moral cowardice of most of today's GOP elected officials will stain the party for a generation.'

It Can Happen Here

Political violence isn't "supposed" to happen in the U.S. That doesn't mean it won't.

I Said Trump Wasn’t A Fascist. I Was Wrong.

And that’s not even what scares me most.

How Trumpian Conservatism Took Over the World — And Lost Me

This conservatism isn't about what’s best for America. It's about winning.

Trump Has No Chance Of Winning The Catholic Vote

Theology, demographics, and Trump's own words will doom the GOP's efforts with Catholic voters in 2016.

‘Racial Realism’ Is Racial Fantasy

And it has come to the University of Michigan.

If You’re A Trump Voter, You’re Not A Conservative — You’re A Homer

And your team is Trump.

The Billionaire Who Made 1992’s Election Even Stranger Than 2016’s

The '92 race got real strange, real fast — and can teach us something about what's happening now

Watching Saw for Jesus

If you're a Bible-believing Christian, you can avoid popular culture — or you can study it

Trump Treats Black People Like A Monolith. So Does America.

It's hard to take us serious when you think we're all the same.

Looking For A Trump Pivot? Good Luck.

Donald Trump hasn't "gone mainstream," or pivoted to the general election. His latest, more -- in the words of cable television hosts -- "apologetic" speeches aren't examples of a change of heart. No matter how much we want a different, better Trump, one who could make a presidential race more of a choice and less of a horrorshow — we aren't going to get it.