Bill De Blasio Drops Out Of Democratic Primary: 'It's Clearly Not My Time'

He joins Kirsten Gillibrand, Mike Gravel, Jay Inslee, John Hickenlooper, Seth Moulton, and Eric Swalwell in the former-candidate brigade

Christian Navarro On Tony's '13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Arc: 'It Felt Like a Responsibility'

'All I ever wanted from the third season was for young people whose families have been taken away from them, to see some sort of strength in this character'

Did Trump Just Fire His National Security Advisor Over Twitter?

John Bolton is at least the 55th person to leave Trump's White House

Her Statement To Her Rapist Went Viral — Now Chanel Miller Is Speaking Out As Herself

Her new book, 'Know My Name,' debuts September 24.

At Least 5 People Killed In Mass Shooting In Odessa and Midland, Texas

'More information is forthcoming, but here's what we know: We need to end this epidemic,' Beto O'Rourke said on Twitter

A 17-Year-Old On His Way To Harvard Was Denied Entry Into The U.S.

Ismail B. Ajjawi said he was questioned by CBP over other people's social media posts

Skin! Hair! Lips! Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello's VMAs Duet Was Worth The Wait

Miami by way of Newark, New Jersey

Julián Castro On Fixing The Federal Relationship With Indigenous Peoples: 'We've Slid Backward Under Trump'

The presidential candidate spoke with MTV News about why doing right by Native peoples isn't just a matter of policy — it's cultural, too.

Julián Castro's New Gun-Control Plan Is Expansive. It Needs To Be.

It also underscores just how broken our current system is

Who Will Cancel My Student Loan Debt? A Complete Guide To 2020 Candidates's Higher Education Plans

From one-time forgiveness plans to alternative solutions, and everything in between

11-Year-Old Reporter Jaden Jefferson Has Advice For The 2020 Candidates

'We have to pay attention to kids younger than 18 that can't vote'

At Least 20 People Were Killed At A Walmart In El Paso, Texas

The number of total fatalities and injuries is not yet known

'Fire Pantaleo': Debate Protestors Challenged Bill de Blasio Over Eric Garner's Death

Cory Booker didn't mind the interruption

Here's More Proof Partner Homicides Are Directly Affected By Gun-Ownership Rates

'It's a reminder that the deadly gaps in our gun laws are having a disproportionate impact on women'

The Officer Who Put Eric Garner in a Chokehold Won't Face Federal Charges

'Five years later and there's still no justice'

The Trump Administration Planned More ICE Raids: What You Need To Know

At least 10 cities are reportedly being targeted

Inside The Fight For A Federal Law Against Revenge Porn

Every state has a different revenge porn law — and that hurts victims most of all

One Less Democrat Is Running For President

'Today ends our presidential campaign, but it is the beginning of an opportunity in Congress'

When The USWNT Celebrates, We All Win

This is why Instagram Stories was invented

A Judge Gave An Alleged Rapist Leniency Because He Was From 'A Good Family'

An appellate court has since reversed that decision

We Just Lived Through The Hottest June Ever Recorded

'Such extreme weather events are expected to become more common,' the Copernicus Climate Change Service warned

'Insecure' Star Kendrick Sampson Wants You To Be A Better Activist

'You can’t wait until you’re perfect to speak out, because people are dying in the process'

Booker and Beto Got Into A Bilingual-Off At The First Democratic Debate

[gasps in Spanish]

How To Help Migrant Children Caught In The Detention Center Crisis

'This is a long fight, and it’s going to require a lot of attention and a lot of input from people'