Meet Elizabeth Wood: The White Girl Behind White Girl

New York 'was quite a traumatic time, and I needed to figure out how to make a movie.'

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Starting with the beautiful and extravagantly unafforadble knitwear

Weiner: Self-Control, Dick Pics, And How History Repeats Itself

The Weiner doc is an unresolved portrait of a man and a relationship in crisis. His latest scandal is the resolution the movie lacks.

The Adult Silliness Of Young Frankenstein

'Destiny! Destiny! No escaping death for me!'

Fiona Apple, This World Is (And Was) Bullshit

About that VMAs acceptance speech

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In honor of the 32nd VMAs, a person who wasn't alive in 1984 live-blogs the very first ones

Dressing The Best-Dressed Cast On TV: A Q&A With The Get Down Costume Designer, Jeriana San Juan

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When Did Meryl Streep Start Trolling Us? An Investigation

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Which Disgusting Premise Should Be The Sausage Party Sequel?

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Baz Luhrmann: The Surrealist, Futurist, Absurdist Director Is Devoted To Fantasy

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The Winter Olympics Are Better Than The Summer Olympics Because Of The Constant Threat Of Death

Swimming? Gymnastics? Child's play.

Censoring Carol: Why You Can’t See Two Women Kiss On A Plane

Delta's decision to cut all kissing scenes from Carol is just another reminder that your right to public space depends on the comfort of casual observers

Little Men, Big Movie: Director Ira Sachs On Friendship, Fatherhood, And Finding Your Way In New York

"I wanted to make a movie that my kids can love."

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Principals On Vice Principals: What The Show Gets Right And Ridiculous, According To Two Real-Life Principals

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Beaches, Please

Imagine the remake of the '80s classic hinging on read receipts instead of letters

What Happened To Miss Cleo?

When it comes to the iconic television psychic, “People are going to believe what they want to believe.”

On The Handmaid’s Tale, The Dystopian Genre, And The Black Heroine

When will Hollywood realize that black women are the ones rewriting the future of women’s lives in America?

To Future Idiot Filmmakers Everywhere, Werner Herzog Has Some Advice For You

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