The Message Of Earth Day 2015 Is Simple: It's Our Turn To Lead

MTV News takes a look at different people and organizations making a difference this Earth Day.

Here's What Happens When The Internet Gives Advice #ToTheGirls

To celebrate the novel’s release, the author created a hashtag campaign to let girls know how much they matter.

7 Things Porn Won't Teach You About Bisexual Women

If your knowledge of bisexual women has been mostly informed by the porn industry or what you’ve seen in pop culture, we've got some news for you.

400,000 Rape Cases Have Not Been Solved, Because The Evidence Is Collecting Dust On The Shelves

The US government is taking a very important step to support sexual assault victims.

Will Giving College Women Guns End Sexual Assault On Campus?

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore believes that the only thing “young, hot little girls” on college campuses need to do to prevent rape is carry a gun. But since when was "preventing rape" the victim's responsibility?

We Asked Raury About The Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Check Out His Inspiring Answer

Atlanta-based rapper, Raury, has a bold opinion on who the next Martin Luther King, Jr. might be.

Here's What Marriage Equality Looked Like In Alabama Yesterday

Last month, Federal District Court Judge made LGBT couples and activists in Alabama very happy when she ruled the state's ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional. Many couple seized the opportunity to get married on Monday, when the ban was finally lifted.

For The Most Part The Internet Agrees That When It Comes To Sexual Assault, #TheresNoPerfectVictim

Emma Sulkowicz has spent the last year carrying her mattress around Columbia University to protest the lack of justice against her accused rapist. After a journalist dug up screenshots from her past, the internet responded with the #theresnoperfectvictim campaign.

Need Another Reason To Celebrate J. Cole's Birthday? Check Out The Gift He's Giving Women

J. Cole has purchased and donated his childhood home, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, to be used as safe haven for single mothers and their kids.

Quiz: Can You Tell The Difference Between 1965 and 2015?

Take this quiz and find out if you can tell the difference between the events of 1965 and the events of 2015.

Is Race An Important Issue In 2015? Three Very Different Politicians Think So

Senator Corey Booker, Congressman John Lewis, and Senator Rand Paul sat down with MTV News to give their opinions on why talking about race is so vital in 2015.

Who Gets To Decide If This Teenage Cancer Patient Is Mature Enough To Die?

Cassandra C. is currently opening a debate about emotional maturity and the right to die. The 17-year-old cancer patient has decided (with her mother's approval) that she does not want to continue chemotherapy, but the court has ruled otherwise.

There Are Almost 22 Million Veterans In The United States. What Do You Know About Them?

The veterans of the United States military are a diverse group of brave people.