(Better Late Than Never) DJ Shadow Saves The Day

Typhoon Rosie Overpowers Chili Peppers at Fuji Fest

Soaking In The Mt. Fuji Rock Festival -- Literally

Typhoon Rosie Cuts Short Fuji Rock Fest

Prodigy To Appear At Huge Fuji Rock Fest

Bore-Anticipation In Tokyo

Yamataka Eye danced like a dervish. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Soul Coughing Hip Tokyo To Their New Sounds

M. Doughty hangin' out at Club Quattro. Photo by A. Tom.

Pavement's New Adventures In Lo-Fi

Cover art from upcoming Pavement album, Brighten The Corners.

Los Lobos Leave "La Bamba" Behind

Cover art from Los Lobos' most recent album, Colossal Head.

Rare Performance From Pre-Boredoms Band

Boredoms' singer Eye Yamataka in action. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Back To School For Boredoms

Boredoms at Meiji University, Room 2003. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Buffalo Daughter Do Tokyo

Buffalo Daughter's Sugar Yoshinaga performing at Milk in Tokyo this past Saturday.

Sea Turtle In Tokyo

Tortoise/The Sea & The Cake drummer John McEntire ( on keyboards), plus Tortoise's Dan Bitney (African drum) and Doug McCombs (bass) at the Liquid Room in Tokyo last Friday night. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Beck Leads Tokyo Mouth Box Master Jam

Making his Tokyo fans feel good.

Elvis In Tokyo; Plays Final (?) Gigs With Attractions

Costello playing solo gig earlier this year. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Love & Rockets Play Surprise Gig In Tokyo

Daniel Ash and Supersnazz singer Spike perform "Wild Thing" at the Tokyo club Milk. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Super Junky Money's Parasitic People Due Soon

Super Junky Monkey singer Mutsumi at the Tokyo club Milk earlier this year. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Schlong Hit Tokyo

Schlong bassist Pat Mello and guitarist Gavin MacArthur performing at the

Report From Tokyo: The Presidents Of The U.S.A. Want Peach Sushi

Live in Tokyo. Photo by Brian Kushnir

Blues Giant Johnny "Guitar" Watson Dead

Bluesman Watson will be missed.

John Cale's 15 Minutes In Tokyo

John Cale photographed during brief performance. Photo by Jacqueline M. Calayag.

Babes In Toyland Play Tokyo Telegram; Send More Drum Sticks

Babes In Toyland guitarist/singer Kat Bjelland performing at Heaven's Door in Tokyo Saturday. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Boredoms' Singer Wants To Destroy Your Mind

Eye Yamatsuka champions noisecore at the Tokyo club Milk last night.

Indie Underground Female Bands Rock Tokyo

Super Junky Monkey singer Mutsumi performing last night at Tokyo's Liquid Room. Photo by Brian Kushnir.