Chris Brown Wants To Hit The Big Screen Like His Idol Usher

'I can do it all: comedy, suspense, mystery,' says the singer.

Nas Brings The Rhymes To New Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley Single

Rapper and reggae singer shot video for 'Road to Zion' in New York.

Marques Houston Keeps Taking Off Clothes, This Time For 'Sex'

Singer stripping again for second Naked video.

Sean Paul Has A Serious Message — And Another Hot Video

Paul says 'Temperature' is 'about ladies, as usual,' but he covers new ground with 'Time Rolls On.'

Maggie Gyllenhaal Overcomes Her Fear Of Romantic Comedies

Actress will appear in two next year, 'Trust the Man' and 'Stranger Than Fiction.'

Ginuwine Wants Justin To Help Him Bring The Ladies Some Concert Love

Seductive R&B singer touring in the spring to promote Back II Da Basics.

Guerrilla Movie Precedes Naomi Watts' Gorilla Movie

'Ellie Parker' took five years to make, co-stars Chevy Chase.

Neve Campbell Rolls Up Her Latest Joint: 'Reefer Madness'

Movie version of musical also stars Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming.

Incubus' 'Mad Workaholic' Guitarist In Studio With Band After Many Side Projects

Mike Einziger has been collaborating with singer Kate Earl, producing his brothers' band, scoring surfboard documentary.

Franz Ferdinand Singer Writing Food Column For U.K. Paper

Former chef Alex Kapranos' Soundbites appears every Friday.

David Banner Says He Has No Choice But To Heal The Hood

'[If] I don't get out there and be vocal, I'm really a detriment,' rapper says.