President Bush Says Union Is Strong, Dares To Touch Third Rail In Speech

Bush's Social Security proposals in State of the Union speech met with audible hisses and boos.

Optimism, Excitement At Iraqi Voting Center In Southern California

'All of the Iraqi people have hopes for this election,' says one prospective voter.

Colin Powell, Three Other Bush Cabinet Members Resign

It's often difficult to distinguish a Cabinet resignation from a Cabinet eviction.

Contest Winner Speaks At DNC, Calms Nerves With 'Whatever' Approach

Michael Negron won the prime-time slot in an essay contest.

Who's Better For The Economy: Bush Or Kerry?

Perhaps the answer lies in their parties' contrasting philosophies.

Donald Rumsfeld Takes Responsibility For Iraq Prisoner Abuse

'As secretary of defense, I am accountable,' he testified Friday.

Republicans Drive Big Rig Into Heart Of NY To Register Voters

RNC supporters court youth vote to tune of Britney Spears and Kanye West.

'Voting Is For Old People': Urban Outfitters Peddles Political Irony

Retailers 'appreciate arguments' controversial shirt has raised.

John Kerry Storms The South, Wesley Clark To Bow Out Of Race

John Edwards finishes second in both Tennessee, Virginia primaries.

Healing The Nation: The Candidates' Health Care Plans

Rock the Vote breaks down the presidential contenders' proposals.

Carol Moseley Braun To Pull Out Of Race For White House

Former Illinois senator expected to back frontrunner Howard Dean.