Slim, Slim Baby

Eminem goes from grin to grouse.

Say What?

Quannum Family Values

Killer Killah

Y'All Better Recognize

Juvenile and Mariah Carey guest.

Versatile MC's Been Neglected Too Long

LP features bouncy basslines, anthemic choruses, densely layered lyrics.

Granddaddy of Gangsta

Xzibit and Snoop Dogg guest.

Most Definitely Good Music

There's even a punk-rock song!

It's All About The Rhymes

Pete Rock guests.

Music For Technophiles

With former Sun Ra member Francisco Mora.

Solo Joint Built For Seven

Missy Elliott and The LOX guest.

Pitching The Wu

RZA could easily lose the braggadocio; his talent speaks for itself.

Bombster Compilation Spins Phat, Phunky Beats

J-Rocc and Babu scratch fast and furious.

He Conquered, He Conquered, He Conquered

Jay-Z and DMX guest.

Sway and King Tech Wake Up Hip-Hop

Rubber-tongued freestyles, bangin' beats on phat mix.

Da Antidote To What Ails Rap

Lootpack have da cure for commercialism in hip-hop.

An LP For The Shamelessly Wayward

Naughty fans will be eager to submit to 19Naughty9's fury.

Dooom's Day

The Doctor is definitely in.

History Lessonz

Also on the collection: Tupac Shakur's "California Love."

Jailhouse Rock, Blues, Hip-Hop ...

Produced by popular R&B artist R. Kelly.

Elevated Hip-Hop

The group opened for A Tribe Called Quest in late 1998.

Fighting The Pretty Good Fight

Busta Rhymes puts in an appearance.

Pitching The Wu

With RZA, Ras Kass and Raekwon.

Black Star Shoot For Hip-Hop Higher Ground

Duo of Mos Def and Talib Kweli looks to keep its street credibility while finding mass appeal.