Eminem Gets Two Years' Probation In Weapon Case

Rapper must refrain from excessive alcohol and drug use and can't own or possess weapons.

Prosecutors Still Want Jail Time For Eminem

Rapper's lawyer says chances '50-50' he'll accept plea bargain Wednesday, which won't necessarily mean he'll do time behind bars.

Eminem Faces Trial On Assault, Weapons Charges

If convicted, the rapper could receive 11 to 17 months in jail, prosecutor says.

Eminem May Not Testify In Assault, Weapons Charges Hearing

Rapper's lawyers may urge him to waive Thursday's preliminary exam, proceed to trial for alleged pistol-whipping incident.

City Receives Threatening Letter Over Eminem Case

South Warren Street Kids say they will burn 'everything' in Warren, Mich., if rapper's charges aren't dropped.

Eminem Sued By Alleged Assault Victim

Alleged Assault Victim Sues Eminem

John Guerra is seeking at least $25,000 in damages for nightclub incident.

Eminem May Face Additional Charges

Witnesses say rapper revealed gun in argument before nightclub incident.