Campaign '04 Is Over, But Bush's Hard Work Is Just Beginning

He faces economic challenges, wars that have no end in sight.

Brace Yourself: Election Overtime May Be On The Way

Armies of attorneys are ready in case there's no clear winner.

Debate Season Concludes With Calmer, But No Less Barbed, Session

Kerry, Bush spar over health care, education, jobs.

Debate Venue Changes, But Iraq Remains The Hot Topic

Bush, Kerry also discuss stem cells, deficit, Supreme Court, security.

Cheney, Edwards Take The Gloves Off

Vice-presidential candidates tangle over Iraq, each other's records in testy debate.

Candidates Lock Horns On Foreign-Policy Issues In Debate #1

Both candidates agree the greatest danger facing the United States is nuclear proliferation.

Bush And Kerry To Square Off Thursday In Strictly Formatted Debate

Iraq policy the likely focus of University of Miami meet.

John Kerry Reports For Duty

Nominee's speech focuses on security and his credentials.

Edwards Says 'Hope Is On The Way' As Dems Nominate Kerry

VP Candidate's Speech Addresses Economic, International Concerns.

Newcomer Obama Steals The Show At Day 2 Of Democratic Convention

Speakers celebrate diversity, American dream at second night of convention.

Clinton, Democrats Light Up Boston — And Light Into Bush — On DNC's Opening Night

Speakers point out sharp divide between Democratic and Republican platforms.

Conventional Wisdom: Everything You Need To Know About The Major-Party Powwows

Democrats, Republicans gather to support their parties — and to party.

Bush Restates His Case For Toughing It Out In Iraq

In Monday speech, president offers broad overview of how to establish free, democratic Iraq.

Sending U.S. Jobs Overseas: Good Or Bad?

Republican Party says good, Democratic Party says bad.

April In Iraq: The Deadliest 30-Day Stretch

At least 136 U.S. servicemen and women lost their lives in Iraq last month.

President Bush Defends His War On Terrorism, Offers No Apologies

In press conference Tuesday, Bush also indicates he'd deploy more U.S. troops to Iraq if necessary.

John Kerry Cleans Up, John Edwards To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Bush calls Kerry to congratulate him for Super Tuesday wins.

Kerry, Edwards Tussle But Don't Rumble In L.A. Debate

Dennis Kucinich challenges Democratic presidential rivals on single-payer health care.

Kerry Wins In Wisconsin, Edging Out Edwards Surge

Massachusetts senator beats North Carolina rival by slim margin; Dean on verge of dropping out.

No Thrilla In Milwaukee When Remaining Democrats Debate

Dean, Edwards go easy on Kerry in advance of Wisconsin primary.

Bush Goes On The Defense About War, Military Service, Economy

President addresses those and other issues on 'Meet the Press.'

John Kerry Takes Five Out Of Seven States In Tuesday's Primaries

John Edwards wins decisively in South Carolina, Wesley Clark victorious in Oklahoma.

John Kerry Makes It A Double With New Hampshire Win

Massachusetts senator beats out nearest rival, Howard Dean, by 13 points.

It's Tiny, It's White, It's Old: Why Does New Hampshire Matter So Much?

For presidential candidates, New Hampshire will likely determine which candidate gets to fight another day, which essentially gets voted off the island.