Exclusive DVD Clips: 'Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Classics' Featuring Quentin Tarantino

This Week In DVD: Reno, Robin And More

New DVD Releases: 'Over The Hedge,' 'The Break-Up,' 'Feast'

Plus: 'The Omen Collection,' the end of 'Gatchaman' and TV's 'La Femme Nikita.'

New DVD Releases: 'Waist Deep,' 'Click,' 'Scrubs,' 'Ju-On 2'

Plus: 'Art School Confidential' and Miike's 'MPD-Psycho'

New DVD Releases: 'A Nightmare On Elm Street,' 'Fast And The Furious 3,' 'Masters Of Horror'

Plus: 'Dracula' and 'Frankenstein' 75th anniversary editions, 'Voltron.'

New DVD Releases: 'Stay Alive,' 'Stick It,' 'My Name Is Earl'

Plus: 'Spirited Killer,' 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'He-Man.'

New DVD Releases: 'Wildboyz,' 'Star Wars' Original Trilogy, 'The Office'

Plus: 'Lucky Number Slevin,' 'SpongeBob' and more

New DVD Releases: 'Jackass: The Movie,' 'Seven Samurai,' 'Lost'

Plus: 'District B13,' the original 'Gojira,' BBC's 'Red Dwarf.'

New DVD Releases: 'South Park,' 'Take The Lead,' 'Lord Of The Rings'

Plus: TV's 'Nip/Tuck,' 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Arrested Development.'

New DVD Releases: 'Poseidon,' 'Silent Hill,' 'Just My Luck'

Plus: Noir classic 'Double Indemnity,' TV series 'Invasion' and 'Veronica Mars.'

New DVD Releases: 'Final Destination 3,' 'Benchwarmers,' 'Chappelle's Show' Lost Episodes

Plus: The Beastie Boys and 'The Boondocks,' and 'The Prisoner' turns 40. 

New DVD Releases: 'She's The Man,' 'ATL,' 'Ren & Stimpy,' HBO's 'Carnivale'

Plus: Bruce 'The Chin' Campbell on the small screen and more.

New DVD Releases: 'Reno 911!,' 'Basic Instinct 2,' Pink Floyd In Concert

Plus classic anime, a British brain teaser and more.

New DVD Releases: 'The Matador,' 'Doctor Who,' 'The Libertine' And More

Anime mastery, dead Rolling Stone round out week.

New DVD Releases: 'Failure To Launch,' 'Ultraviolet,' 'Strangers With Candy' And More

A selection of cult favorites from Asia round out this week's picks.

New DVD Releases: 'The Hills Have Eyes,' 'Night Watch,' 'Syriana' And More

Warner Home Video clears the 'Superman' TV vaults in anticipation of upcoming flick.

New DVD Releases: 'Dave Chappelle's Block Party,' 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' And More

Neil Young strikes just the right chord with the concert film 'Neil Young: Heart of Gold.'

New DVD Releases: 'Running Scared,' 'Underworld: Evolution,' 'Entourage Season 2' And More

Seminal slacker flick 'Dazed And Confused' gets added to the Criterion Collection.

New DVD Releases: 'The Venture Bros.,' 'Date Movie,' 'Freedomland' And More

Supernatural TV fright fest 'Night Stalker' is also among the week's offerings.

'Oldboy' Director Disses Vengeance, Looks Toward Upcoming Cyborg-Teen Comedy

Park Chan-wook embraces his own 'childlike' love of critical affirmation.