Black-and-Blue Notes

Follow-up to 1997 debut, Waters Ave. S.

Difficult Charmers

Produced by William Orbit of Madonna's Ray of Light-fame.

Lee Gives Good Weather

Pay no attention to the fact that this prolific musician is only 20 years old.

The New New Wave

Former Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottom is the band's leader.

Engaging And Abrasive As Ever

The band was formed in the late '80s by then-Dinosaur Jr. bassist Lou Barlow.

We've Been Itching For Seven Long Years ...

More transporting songs from the brilliantly quirky band.

Love Affair With Hip-Hop

Erykah Badu makes a guest appearance.

Mellow To A Fault?

Singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin and Soul Asylum singer/guitarist Dave Pirner make appearances.

We've Been Itching For Seven Long Years ...

More transporting songs from the brilliantly quirky band.

Songs Of Love And Coffee Addiction

Includes performances by Whiskeytown, Johnny Cash and Richard Buckner.

Crash Course For Ravers

Includes songs by Deejay Punk-Roc, Avalanche, and Norma Jean Bell.

Straight-Up Hip-Hop From Wu-Tang's RZA

Lending a hand are Wu regulars Method Man, Masta Killa, Ghostface Killah and Killarmy.

Orchestral Maneuvers ...

Singer Beth Gibbons works her usual magic: She's absolutely mystifying.

Retrospective From Pop Giants

Many of these songs are the best of that decade, not just from U2, but from anybody.

Back To The Future

The set starts with six songs they recorded for a sculpture exhibition by Charles Long.

Musician-Psychics DivineThe Future of Rock

Searching For The Essence Of The Riff

Future Hip-Hop Stars

Alt-Rock, Alt-Rock High School ...

Even The Missteps Sound Fresh

Pop Princes

They're not quite in the same league as the Replacements -- but give them time.

Beck's Mutations Is No Loser

On his new album, the singer/songwriter wields his band like a human version of his loops and samples.

Sometimes It's Better To Forget ...

It's now hip to be square, and music that was once heard only in elevators and on easy listening stations is leaking into pop culture once again.

Hip-Hop For Geeky Boys And Girls

If Korn are this generation's Metallica, then maybe Soul Coughing are our Cars -- crossover nerds (which is a way to say "intellectual" and not turn off the consumer quite so much).