It's Time For Your Close-Up, Ms. Mann ...

Also with tracks by Gabrielle and Supertramp.

A Certain Wimpy Charm

A good one, if lulling, far-from-metal pop doesn't bug you.

Drum & Bass Demigod

An energetic blend of hip-hop, techno, jazz and funk.

Acing the Live Test

The special limited edition set includes a live version of Rahzel's "All I Know" from his album Make the Music 2000.

Give Me A Reason To Love Drum & Bass

Produced by DJ Die.

Mmm Good!

Dust Brothers offer promising debut as film composers.

Pop Perfection

Not cutting edge. But who cares?

Don't Take Library Nation To The Check-Out Desk

Debut album marred by busybody producer's wannabe vocals.

Pop Charmers

The string arrangements were in fact written by David Campbell, Beck's dad.

The Best Hip-Hop You Won't Hear This Year

Matador's first hip-hop group has been compared to the none-too-shabby Gang Starr.

Just Dessert

Butch Vig guest produces several tracks.

Smart Youth-Positive Pop

These Scots were the first unsigned band to appear on the BBC's "Top Of The Pops" show.

Red Snapper Mete Out The Groove

Making Bones is dark, even a little mean, but is ultimately enticing.

Not Groundbreaking, Not Frenzied, But Not Bad

Regia make great sixties-inspired pop that's on just the right side of derivative.

The Return Of Rock?

The band includes former members of the Rentals and Shudder to Think.

He's Too Funny For His Cat

With ODB, Prince Paul and Ice Cube.

Meet The New King

Less experimental than recent efforts, with some tasty R&B tossed into the mix.

The New Order

From hip-hop to to rock 'n' roll to tin pan alley, they've got it covered.

UK Oddballers Slosh Across The Pond

Sure, they're an enigma. But you'll love the way they perplex you.

The New Punk

Includes songs by Elliott Smith, Cat Power and the Geraldine Fibbers.

En Route To Poptopia

Candy-coated power pop that melts in your hands.

Turn It Up, Way Up

The band contributed to an '80s tribute album called Gag Me With A Spoon, which featured covers of Devo's "Whip It" and Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science."

Don't Fence Me In

The Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan makes a cameo appearance.

Demons On The Dance Floor

Follow-up to the 1997 EP Controlled Developments.